Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Strathmann Kicks Off Re-election Bid

The two constables that started campaigning for next March's primary like 9 months ago have apparently spread the super-early re-election bug.

In addition to the two of them, a county commissioner, a challenger for the district attorney, and now a judge have all started getting ready early.

Judge Laura Strathmann will be seeking reelection and held a campaign kick-off event last weekend.

I was impressed at how smart a family court judge was to have a family-style event be her kick off rally. After the announcement there was a barbecue and a movie-in-the-park event.

Strathmann has no challengers for her position as of yet. Although the end of the summer is traditionally the start of campaign season, it doesn't appear that is the case anymore.


Rey Rivera said...

All this indicates is that El Paso has finally entered the 21st century. Early preparation for campaigns has always been the practice in other areas. For the life of me, I ve been trying to understand the El Paso ninety days strategy since I moved here.

How in the heck can you expect to win, when you have to have steering committees, a cohesive and experienced staff. And I don't mean the local practice of appointing a campaign manager based on the number of losses, therefore knows what not to do ! You have to raise funding, coordinate, platform, practice public speaking, mock debate, pinpointing good locations for signs. Remembering to use three in a row method, not one sign every 300 yards or a cul de sac. Enough with the silly spy accusations ! There is so much preparation to do, it can take ninety or days. Suddenly it is voting time. But, there is one carrot that I am holding back to see how many bothered to listen now, not 8 years.

The most overlooked and undervalued member of a campaign is well trained and active precinct chairs! They get the volunteers, votes and money for you. Other wise, just go home. The heck with having precinct chairs in name only. If you have good precinct chairs, there's no need for stealing signs, bullying the opposition volunteers or fist fight at the booth or coaching voters at, you know where.

I could write a book, but there's enough out there if people would just read them and put the facts in motion. I have asking people for 8 years why are you waiting till ninety days prior. I'm just glad that finally some get it.

The Lion Star said...

Well if you write a book I hope you don't charge for it because there is so much in what you just said that is absolute bullshit.

Steering committees are bullshit.

Signs being important? Bullshit.

Starting so many months before the election, mostly bullshit.

Precinct chairs, absolute bullshit.

Precinct chairs getting you volunteers and money, absolute bullshit.

And you left out really important campaign activities.

But you haven't won a race in El Paso right Rey?