Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Day David K Became Martin Paredes...

Say it ain't so David K! 

Unfortunately it is so. David K has wandered off into conspiracy land in a recent post on his blog. And trust me, he went full-on Martin Paredes in this one. All that was missing was some shitty photoshop work of an infographic depicting David K next to a big steaming pile of bullshit and several uses of the phrase "connect the dots".

First I take issue with the demotion. DK now says I'm a "top aide" to Peter. 

What happened to mastermind? I thought DK said I was the mastermind behind all of this. I really resent being demoted to "aide". 

Let me give you two realities. Reality #1 David K had his head so far up Weisenberger's ass he can taste what he had for lunch. And that's because he wants to protect his family business which is pointless because it's not threatened. I've never heard a single bad thing about his parents firm. His public tantrums are a bigger threat to the family business than Peter winning. The contract process is set up to protect us from any funny business and that means protecting businesses from a pissed of city rep too.

Reality #2 - if I was running Peter's campaign his mail wouldn't suck so bad, it would be a hell of a lot more negative, and it wouldn't take weeks to get out. Seriously it's pretty bad. Never say in 10 words what you can say in 5 words. Or in Peter's case 27,458.

Although DK is right about one thing. Peter and I did speak more than once yesterday. He wasn't happy about me implying that the district 1 race was between two white guys. He was pretty hot at me about that.

DK has really said some irresponsible conspiracy theory stuff this race. Anyone remember that he alleged at one point that Peter's staff was getting paid directly from donors? He never proved it of course, and he never reported it either. He just threw it out there. 

He hasn't let this whole SP nontroversy go either so I give him credit for tenacity. And he's also finally admitted its not illegal when before he made it sound like someone shot a Kennedy.

But he's still harping on it. And now his latest claim is that a single all-powerful diety decreed to Peter that he shall run his campaign w an SP committee and that he even knows the name of the person.

So here's the obvious question...why won't he say who it is? What does David K care about protecting the man behind the curtain? I'll tell you why.

Because DK is either tied to that person, or the more likely, there is no person. Naming a name would mean David would have to back up his claims. 

David K also made a statement that shows me he forgot an important lesson about us bloggers. 

We don't matter. He himself has said it a million times.  

But now he's stomping his feet and holding his breath over the fact that the SP committee hasn't changed to the way DK wants it. He said changing it would be "telling me...you have nothing to hide."

So DK wants a candidate to do what he tells him to do. Think that through DK...we don't matter.

Although I will say this, I was amused at DK saying Peter will be a Forma man.

Apparently DK forgot that Forma Group had a contract and took money from Peter and then returned the money, backed out of the contract, and went to work for Al in the same election. 

Does David K seriously think Peter is gonna forget that? Would any elected official?

C'mon David K, what happened to you man?

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