Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Jewish Vote in District 1

I was talking to a buddy that has run a few campaigns on the westside and he pointed out that in terms of voter data there is a pretty sizeable Jewish voting block in the Western Hills area. Svarzbein is Jewish and some folks think Weisenberger is as well.

Election Day is Saturday. That is Shabbat, or the Sabbath, for Jews. So the observant Jews won't be voting on Election Day. That means that if there was a concentrated effort to GOTV that voting block, it had to have been done during early voting.

Not being familiar with the finite details of Jewish custom I googled whether or not it was okay for Jews to vote on the Sabbath. I found this website that offered three answers. One from an Orthodox rabbi, one from Conservative rabbi, and one from a Reform rabbi.

Without getting into too much detail essentially the Orthodox and Conservative rabbis said no, the reform rabbi says yes. Here's the article if you are interested in the details.

Just a little tidbit I found interesting and I don't know enough about historical trends relating to that voting block to tell you what, if any, impact that will have on the election.

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