Monday, June 1, 2015

Weisenberger's Whoopsie

Mail is probably one of the top two most important campaign activities in terms of persuading a voter. I talk a lot about mail and its normally something only the really wonky people care about in the context of which I write about mail.

But like I've said previously, Forma Group has done some really good mail pieces this election cycle.

Normally you save your best for last, but apparently not this time. A friend of mine lives in District 1 and texted me that he received mail from Weisenberger's campaign that day, which was interesting because I was covering their debate at that very moment. He sent me a pic of the piece but I really didn't look at it too hard.

I wish I had.

There are two major problems with this mail piece. Lets start with the first one. Ann Morgan Lily in the mail piece probably isn't helpful to Weisenberger. Unless there was polling done that asked if she was still popular, I'm surprised she would be included in the piece. I think she hurts more than helps. But even its a wash, why include her at all. The only circumstance you should include her is if she's Hillary Clinton-popular.

Although its a great picture. At first glance you might think it was a pic of Laura Bush.

But the bigger problem is a practical one. Its seriously the biggest screw up I've ever seen in mail in El Paso...ever. Even bigger than the time Forma sent out a GOTV piece that landed after the election.

As you can see in this photo, it has all the elements a good mail piece should have. Locations of where to vote, the hours, and the all-important reminder to bring an ID and of course, who to vote for.

Except one problem. It has the wrong date!

Talk about a major screw up! With the date so large a lot of people will probably just toss it. But those that don't, won't have the election day info from Weisenberger's mail.

Depending on how big the mail universe was for this piece, it was also probably a really expensive mistake too. I don't know how many people it was sent to, but mail isn't cheap. Weisenberger's camp is now going to have to spend more money on sending out ANOTHER piece of mail to correct the problem.

Man that is a really bad screw up...

(PS, more to come on their debate later this evening.)

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