Tuesday, July 7, 2015

3rd Graders Throwing Tantrums

I seriously hate watching El Paso City Council meetings. It is painful because they are the most immature elected body and toxic environments in the County by far.

There is an agenda item that is being discussed about rules to conducting the meetings and one of the comments made by Rep Noe was trying to avoid people acting on the dais like "third graders throwing tantrums".

I'll get to that in a moment but I found that statement particularly poignant considering the conduct of Representative Robinson earlier in the meeting toward a staff member.

Representative Robinson was basically throwing a tantrum about some unprogrammed funds that were left over and they didn't go immediately to his district. As a former staffer I can tell you exactly what happened, his office got out-hustled and he wants someone to blame for it.

The bottom line is what kind of elected official allegedly makes a request for funds and doesn't put that request in writing? In fact, unless its in writing, why would anyone even take that request seriously UNLESS it was in writing. Essentially Robinson wants everyone to take his word that he told someone he wants the funds.

What irritates me the most, other than the fact that I think it speaks to his character how he treats staff, is the fact that he pulled the Army card.

I think Robinson, who was in the Army when Jesus was a private, was a senior NCO. Any NCO worth a damn knows the importance of putting important things in writing. Its why you have a 201 file to begin with. When you make any request to supply, guess what? Gotta be in writing.

When you go on leave, guess what? Gotta be in writing.

When you counsel a soldier, guess what? Gotta be in writing.

Robinson was a jerk and owes not only the staff member an apology, but the community an apology for making us sit through his little tantrum.

Speaking of tantrums, most of the rules for running a meeting that are being suggested are stupid.

Council is trying to fix a symptom rather than the problem. The council is trying to FORCE respect on the council by addressing behaviors. I'll address this to all of council, even though its not really all of them, but its basically all of them but two members of council so I'll address it to everyone.

Here's an idea...act like fucking adults instead of children.

You guys are far more interested in sticking it to each other rather than serving your constituents. I'm sick of you guys all talking about respect for one another and almost none of you actually giving it. You should be embarrassed by your behavior because we the electorate sure are.

But them screwing with each other apparently wasn't enough. Now they want to mess with us.

Their suggestions about public comment are an insult to the community and the First Amendment. The whole point of public comment is for us to say what we want about how we feel about an issue. If it makes you uncomfortable to hear a member of the public speak for a few minutes, boo-fucking-who.

Its your job. Deal with it or quit.

Who do you think you are? Seriously its not that bad. A couple ankle-biters go up to the podium and repeat the same shit that they always say and it bothers you? Grow some thicker skin. I have to deal with Ali Razavi and Martin Paredes saying stupid shit about me all the time. Spare me your sob stories. When some asshole makes your birthday part of their tin foil hat society conspiracy theory then you can bitch.

The voice of the people is already minimized during meetings. You guys don't place a limit on stupid proclamations so you can have your photo ops but you want limits on people speaking to their government? Its ignorant and a lazy way of dealing with a minor problem.

Most of the stuff that was discussed in the rules of order item already have a solution and the solution is for the mayor to grow a pair. You're supposed to preside over the meeting mayor.

Do so.

I get it, you people get tired of Sal Gomez and his Poor Man Walking routine.

So what?

And moving public comment to another day entirely? That may be the worst idea I've ever heard and frankly the biggest insult to the community. Its saying we already don't give a shit about what you say and thats why we minimize your ability to speak during the days of the meeting, but now we are just going to stop pretending to even care at all and move you over to the day no one gives a shit about.

A terrible insult to the people.

Thankfully some members of council are pushing back and it looks like most of the most draconian rule proposals are going to lose.

Do you job council. Stop acting like children and find a way to make things work. You don't have to like each other, but get the job done and stop making excuses or putting the people in the middle of your little mean girls re-enactment.

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