Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Briones Credit / Award Time

Hold the phone for just a minute here. I read the editorial in the paper today and I take issue with one small part of it. I think they over state praise for Briones just a bit.

Briones should be praised for getting the ball moving right away. I certainly won't take that away from her and unlike some of her counter parts, she did the right thing right away.

But if I'm not mistake she was quoted earlier in various media sites as saying that there would be a delay because of paperwork. I know for a fact that the County Judge and County Attorney pushed hard to over come that hurdle.

I also know that Briones was inquiring with county leaders about what to do if any of her staff refused to issue the marriage documents. 

So let's just call it like it is, we are lucky that we have several county leaders, to include Briones, that got the ball rolling right away.

Good for them.

That reminds me, Senator Rodriguez is Homeboy of the Week.

Douchebag of the week goes to Governor Abbott, Attorney General Paxton, and Senator 

Douchbag of the Month goes to Donald Trump.

Donald Trump...go fuck yourself.

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