Thursday, July 2, 2015

Judicial Buzz

If you are anywhere near the courthouse you've no doubt started to hear the buzz of people talking about how are getting opponents and which sitting judges are going to run for other seats.

Here is a list of all the judges that are up for reelection but I might have missed one or two.

Anna Perez
Luis Aguilar
Mike Herrera
Patrick Garcia
Angie Juarez
Laura Strathmann
Sam Medrano 
Sergio Enriquez
Diane Navarrete
Yahara Lisa Gutierrez
Carlos Carrasco
Jesus Herrera

There is also the Court of Appeals position. There's a white guy there, I forget his name, but he was appointed by a Republican. He's basically toast. I hear two judges that already have benches are considering running for the position as well. One of them will have issues because this judge has run for other benches before.

I'll break down who I think the judges that are most vulnerable to a challenge.

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