Friday, July 3, 2015

Just when you think you've heard it all

It's no secret I'm a staunch Democrat and it's also no secret that I believe pretty firmly in the values of our party.

I'm usually the guy that calls people out publicly when they vote against the values of the Democratic Party. 

So if the latest rumors I'm hearing are true, it would be devastating for the local party. Word around the campfire is that Eddie Holguin is now eyeing a possible bid for Decocratic Party Chair.

I guess he realized he would get beat badly if he ran for county commissioner after his performance in the race for county judge. 

Holguin should not ever be chair of the Democratic Party. He actively endorsed, supported, and advocated for a candidate running against a Democrat in the valley. On what planet would anyone in the party find that acceptable. What's worse is that candidate is anti immigrant and referred to El Paso as a suburb of Juarez.

His most trusted political advisor, confidant, and mentor for more than a decade has been Jaime O. Perez, a Libertarian / Republican.

I could go on and on with a plethora of reasons why he shouldn't be the county chair for ideological reasons, but there are also some very real practical reasons. 

I'll grant you that in a town like El Paso, well, who gives a shit who the chair is? There are no republicans around to deal with and we are far away from the political center of mass in the state. So if he runs its just so that he can be a party big shot and get his picture taken with Hillary. 

But does anyone actually think he has any real influence to raise money for the party, bring people together, or increase either turnout or registration?

Not regular no, but hell no.

But imagine if he had to run against someone for the position. Look, he barely survived Barbara Perez's last minute push inside the club of old-timers in the Tejano Democrats, or as I like to call it, Jurassic Park. 

Imagine if he ran against a Barbara Perez countywide? He'd get his head handed to him because the race for Party Chairman is countywide. He would have to win in the westside and Holguin has performed terribly on the westside. He built a career on bad mouthing the westside. Hell he talked more shit about the westside than I do and I have refined it to an art form.

Holguin is so Republican that he might break out that old John McCain campaign logo rip-off for his bid for county chair. 

We seriously need someone with some credibility to step up to the plate! The Party is at a critical juncture. We need someone who is a passionate advocate for the party platform. We need someone with credibility, someone that can be taken seriously by all sectors, someone with organization skills and that can help raise money and make more Democrats. 

Holguin is none of those things.


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Anonymous said...

It's great you are calling out Eddie as a faux democrat. The hypocritical part is that you are one as well. You are a neoliberal. President Obama has been a neoliberal, Hillary is a neoliberal and Bill Clinton was a pioneer of the NeoLiberal...aka the third way as it was called. Liberal on social issues and right wing on everything else. Nafta, TPP, austerity, pubic private partnerships are all neoliberal policies. El Paso people think Bobby O'Rourke is a liberal. LOL. Look at his TPP vote. I guess he thought that NAFTA was so awesome for El Paso he decided you needed more offshoring of jobs to lower or continue to stagnate wages. It's simply a race to the bottom politics....they look at Juarez as a winner in globalization aka free trade. Does that look like a win for the average worker? Would you like to work in a twin plant? Jaime you were on board loving the ballpark....another neoliberal policy. Oh yeah and Babs Perez...she supported W Bush! A real liberal she El Paso has zero liberals in elected office.

My guess is that you will vote for Hillary the wall street loving war monger rather than a real liberal a real progressive in Bernie Sanders.