Tuesday, July 21, 2015

KVIA Shows Transportation Woes for City Just Get Worse

At this point someone might want to unionize all the drivers of the buses people are getting thrown under at the city over the last few weeks. The apparently have a fleet on stand-by.

In case you missed it, here is a story done by Maria Garcia of KVIA on even more issues with transportation dollars at the city.

There's a couple of things I think are worth pointing out in this video. First of all, notice how staff is actually pointing the finger at council for pushing the projects that were not ready?

So can we stop pretending that the members of council on the MPO are blameless?

Mathew McElroy is actually echoing the sentiments of the City Manager that I posted yesterday. This is interesting because of what Rep Noe said in last week's council meeting. He said part of the reason that there were screw ups at the city is because staff are afraid of the city council reps.

He never said which members or if he meant all.

Either way Noe is in a bad spot because he's saying they are afraid of all council members or he is saying that they are afraid of just certain ones. One problem with that...when it comes to MPO issues staff doesn't have to fear reps that don't have anything to do with the MPO or have any projects at the MPO.

Let me be more clear - Noe can't say they are afraid of Limón because she doesn't have a single project at the MPO. So who are they in fear of? The MPO delegation?

What about the issues they vote on? Are their votes on the MPO influence by their fear of council members?

And another thing that is interesting, McElroy doesn't throw council under the bus without permission from his boss. The City Manager is putting the blame back on the members of council. I don't know that I've ever seen that before, especially in such a high-profile situation like this one.

Another thing of note is the fact that Garcia highlighted something I mentioned a while back. The city was used to having their way on the MPO and basically being able to dictate who got the money from the honey pot. When Commissioner Vince Perez was chairman of the MPO he instituted reforms that made the process for awarding the funds more competitive and objective.

The result essentially is that now that the city has to have their shit together they don't seem to be able to actually get their shit together.

It now explains why the members of council are so sensitive about Ordaz raising questions about the problems at the city.

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