Thursday, July 2, 2015

Mission Trail Express Opens

This is a big deal for the valley and for tourism along the Mission Trail. Its also yet another example of seeing substantive change in the valley.

El Paso's history is one of its strongest assets and some of its richest history is located in the valley along the historic Mission Trail.

For years there has been a push to highlight our history for tourism valley but it has moved along at a snail's pace for a variety of reasons, one of which has been that there are so many govermental entities along the corridor betwen the Ysleta and San Elizario missions.

Okay, San Elizario is not a mission, its a chapel. But it looks like a mission so the only real sticklers about that are people in San Eli. The point being its easier to refer to it as mission trail, not two missions and a chapel that looks like a mission trail.

Click play to hear more details and some interviews:

Leaders from the county (County Judge Veronica Escobar and Commissioners Perez and Leon), the city of El Paso (Rep Ordaz), the city of Socorro (Rep Cox), the city of San Elizario (Mayor Sanchez) and the Ysleta del Sur Tribal Council (Governor Hisa, the Lt Gov, War Captain, and Council Members) went to La Purisima in Socorro to cut the ribbon on a new Mission Trail Express circulator.

The buses have a wrap that distinguishes them from other county bus routes.

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