Saturday, July 11, 2015

Perez Calls for Valenti's Ouster

For the second time now County Commissioner Vince Perez has called for UMC CEO's Jim Valenti's head.

The first time was when Valenti accepted a big bonus after letting several employees go. 

The latest vote of no-confidence from Perez came this evening after word came from the El Paso Times that UMC lost accreditation in a unit.

According to Bob Moore of the El Paso Times, "The accreditation issue involves the 7-person sterile processing unit, which prepares instruments and equipment for surgery to prevent infection."

This is a rare step to be taken, happening in only 3% of accreditations.

In a statement released earlier this evening, Commissioner Perez didn't hide his displeasure with UMC. 

"Once again, the UMC administration failed to communicate with the commissioners court - this time regarding the decision to temporarily suspend elective and non-emergency surgeries. The court (as a whole) received no advanced notice of this decision. This is yet another example that underscores the need for new leadership at UMC once the CEO's contract expires in 2016." stated Perez who represents the Mission Valley, Montana Vista, Far East El Paso and most of the colonias in El Paso County.

Incredibly several of the commissioners learned of the problem through social media posts from media rather than from the UMC administration.

Stay tuned.

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