Sunday, July 19, 2015

Pickett Declines Freeway Naming

So State Rep Joe Pickett declined to have a portion of the Loop 375 named after him. The city council should do what Pickett asks and remove the item from consideration.

If Pickett doesn't want it, don't give it to him.

Pickett has certainly earned it. The man is synonymous with transportation in this town along with Ted Houghton.

Let be real about what this is though. Pickett hates Ted Houghton.

The city passed a smiliar measure last week to honor the work Houghton has done for El Paso. Its hard to see how we shouldn't look at this as just some political gamesmanship meant to embarrass Houghton.

Personally I think the members of council that sit on the MPO should be more concerned about ensuring the city has its collective crap together when it comes to securing funding for mobility that naming portions of roads after people, but thats just me.

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