Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Martin Paredes & Theresa Caballero Connection

Since the discount blogger Martin "Fallas" Paredes loves to live in the Land of Make Believe and create all manner of imagined connections I thought I'd write about an actual connection that is real, as in the world and dimension we all live in.

The Flying Monkey is a close friend and associate of Theresa Caballero and the guy who created and maintained her now infamous website. If you go to the old rules there is a place-holder for his business.

It explains why he always hammers that same old tired drum beat of the Ray-Caballero-is-the-devil dialogue. It also explains why he zeros in on the elected leaders he targets. It also explains his beef with the El Paso Times.

He is taking orders.

He does what he is told, like a good little puppet. 

Fallas Paredes is also being a big hypocrite. He's guilty of what he blames everyone else for. Sound familiar? 

I might also add that he's been trying to get campaign work from candidates in the upcoming election. I know at least one candidate that was going to go with him until the candidate found out he was who he was. 


Consider the dots connected.


Anonymous said...

" Dime con quien andas y te dire quien eres" Martin Pendejo
Pendejo in El Paso

fitbuddy said...

I absolutely hate that saying because my dad used to say that to me all the time.

That is of course until I came home from confirmation one day and learned that Jesus hung out with a lot of bad people.

The next time my dad said that, I said, "What about Jesus" was he a bad man?

He never told me that again.