Thursday, July 9, 2015

Weird Tweet

AEl Paso Times reporter Diana Washington-Valdez posted a strange tweet yesterday.  Well the tweet itself wasn't strange so much as the image. 

Here's the tweet:

Like I said it's not so much the tweet. 

Or the fact that the taxpayers lost out on a whopping $20 million. 

Or the fact that the headline should actually say Ordaz since she's the one that really raised the issue in the first place.

It's the cat pic...

I have no idea why there is a brown furry pussy cat in this tweet. I don't know if it's a subliminal 
thing, an unintentional thing, or what.

Is this DWV's kitty, a stunt kitty, or does she just collect random cat pics? Or perhaps it belongs to a member of council?

Let's come up with a narrative shall we? Craziest, most Martin-Paredes level of stupid conspiracy-level of lunacy wins a prize. 

Ready go!


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