Tuesday, August 18, 2015

My Favorite Press Release

Sorry vatos and jainas, been a busy couple days at the office and haven't had much chance to blog. 

But here's a quick one that made me laugh. It was unintentionally funny. Which makes it funnier.

City Rep Svarzbein sent out a press release to the media yesterday and a couple of them sent it to me because they thought it was funny. 

Electeds usually send out press releases about a lot of things, especially important events or issues facing the city.

So in the midst of questions about transportation and mobility funding, a big pay raise for the city manager, privatizing an entire city department, projects that are over budget and behind...

What does Rep Svarzbein send a press release about? What is the big issue of the day his office is tackling on behalf of the fine folks on the west side?

The Archie Comic. Well the passing of the author.

I bullshit you not.

Gotta love the focus on what really matters, Jughead and Veronica!

Good to know he never stops thinking about his comic...er, constituents.

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