Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Tidbit About Acosta Comment

I've got plenty to say about yesterday's city council meeting about how city council doubled-down on stupid and voted for the city manager raise.

All you have to do is take a look at the comment section of any of the stories from media outlets about it on Facebook and you will see that the community is overwhelmingly upset about it, which makes yesterday's little staged event during public comment that much more obvious.

Some of the people are getting creative about it too. Here's a screen shot I took of one of the comments:

When the Straight Outta Compton meme is being used for politics, it means the meme has officially jumped the shark. (Note to self, change profile picture from Straight Otta Compton meme on Facebook)

But I wanted to clarify something that Acosta said during the meeting that I think crystalizes what people don't like about council lately. Its the lack of accurate information.

Either deliberately or through incompetence.

Here's what I mean. During the debate yesterday City Rep Emma Acosta mentioned that she had a community meeting shortly after the raise and that at the meeting only three people spoke in opposition to the raise. She then chided the media by saying that they didn't run comments in favor of the raise by the over 40 people in attendance. (More on that in a minute)

So to hear her tell it, almost everyone was in favor of it, save three people.

Except that's not what really happened at all.

I know because several people had asked me about the meeting during the day and I know they attended the meeting. I wasn't there because I was in the Ysleta Bond Committee meeting which Acosta missed because of her community meeting, but I was checking in with them to see how it was going.

I'm kicking myself for not going and taking my video camera, but thankfully someone recorded the audio of the meeting.

Since I'd heard the meeting, I was surprised to hear Acosta tell her version of the story. But I didn't have the audio with me yesterday during the meeting and didn't have my laptop either since I was working in the field. Thankfully you can stream the meetings over your phone, so thats how I even caught Acosta's comments in the first place.

When I heard her version, I sent a text to a friend of mine that was at the meeting to verify since I remembered the audio differently. Basically the messages speak for themselves. Acosta's account at council wasn't accurate. You decide whether it was an honest mistake or purposely misleading:

Now remember I mentioned I would get back to the part about her criticizing the media about the people she mentioned that were there at the meeting that were allegedly in favor of the raise?

The people she mentions in the video from yesterday's meeting are all either her friends or donors to her campaign.

She failed to mention that part.

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