Thursday, September 24, 2015

UPDATE: KVIA Responds to Removing Story about Mark T. Davis Comments

I spoke to the news director and she indicated the decision to remove the story was an editorial decision made in the newsroom but acknowledged it looked nefarious.

She indicated that they attempted to get comment from Mr. Davis and called his office several times and finally went in person and they overheard him say he wasn't going to comment on the matter. She indicated without his side of the story they didn't feel that it was doing the community a service having a story that wasn't complete because the more they looked into it the more questions were raised.

I mentioned that they have reported stories with no comment from one side plenty of times and she acknowledged that was true but indicated that they just didn't feel the story was complete. Although that doesn't explain whey it was originally aired.

I asked if Mr. Davis advertised with the station and she indicate that she didn't know.

For what its worth, I believe her. I worked around a newsroom and they rarely pay attention to who is advertising unless there is something big involving a major advertiser.

Mark T. Davis' Comments About Veterans Lead to Protest Action

We live in the era of social media gaffe's so its not uncommon to see someone say something on social media they probably really think but decide later its not a good idea for the whole world to know its something you really think.

Its worse when I news stations reports on it, then posts an update on social media about the story, posts the story on their website, and airs the story...and then the next day its all gone.



A prominent El Paso attorney Mark T. Davis made these remarks recently on his Facebook page:

Mr. Davis didn't stop there. He also posted this comment:

And this one:

Those comments didn't sit well with several veterans in El Paso and several veterans groups are apparently organizing a picket on Monday at Mr. Davis' office on Lomaland.

Mr. Davis apparently got wind of the demonstration and posted this on social media:

Which is really interesting because Mr. Davis actually deleted the original Facebook post. So apparently he invokes his right to freedom of speech but he self-censored.


Then he compares a particular group of veterans "immature" and says they "act like terrorists..."

I don't know the guy but like a lot of veterans, his comments obviously piss me off. A guy who probably never humped a ruck, laced up some boots, or stood a post has the nerve to disparage people who actually had the balls to take an oath and protect their country.

I don't get it, if he felt so strongly about the constitution and the first amendment, why wouldn't a lawyer stand by his words? Why would he delete them.

More importantly, what the hell happened to the story.

Alidina Rosales, who is the Public Affairs Officer for the El Paso Veterans & Riders Association has organized a demonstration scheduled for Monday morning.

Here are the details:

Monday, 9/28/2015

9:00 am

in front of Mr. Davis' practice located at 1554 Lomaland

For More Information call (915) 487-3211 

She has posted on social media screen shots that show the story was there one day and gone the next.

Here is a screenshot of the KVIA Facebook post about the story that was up yesterday.

But when I tried to follow the link, this is what came up:

I called to speak to the news director at KVIA earlier this morning to find out why but she has not returned my call as of the time of this post. 

So I have no official word for the station as to why a story was advertised on social media, aired, then the story deleted from social media and the station website.

Probably not the wisest thing for an attorney who practices in a military town say. I'm pretty sure a few of the judges in the court house that are veterans aren't going to be happy either. 

I'm sure there will be more developments on this one, I'll keep you posted. 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Signs of a bad choice...

Freeway Caroets have used their billboard for public commentary for years. I think they are the valley's original Twitter account. 

I was in the neighborhood the other day and happened across these signs. 


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

EP Inc Article Shows City Knew of Problems with MPO Projects

An article written by David Crowder in the El Paso Inc shows that officials with the city of El Paso knew about problems with complying with MPO requirements for over a year.

When Rep Ordaz first raised the issue earlier this summer city leaders at first played tonto, threw staff under the bus, and later tried to downplay the problems.

Crowder's piece is based off of emails he obtained through a request with the city. Correspondence between El Paso City Manager Tommy Gonzalez and TxDOT big shot Bob Bielek indicate that Bielek has been trying to get the city to fix their problems for over a year.

Niland basically said that the scandals of the last few months have been a strategic effort to draw attention away from the county. Well, this story blows that theory out of the water since the problems have gone back over a year.

It'll be interesting to see what council's next story is going to be about the MPO. Although it sorta doesn't matter anymore, the horse is already out of the barn and in politics, when you're explaining you're losing.

You can click here to read Crowder's story.

The reality is that over the last couple of months council has shown a couple of different things. First, they knew there were problems and apparently did nothing to fix the situation until Ordaz started raising questions. The other thing this council has shown is that if you're the one that asks questions that are uncomfortable, they circle the wagons and target that person.

A terrible strategy in the long run.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Homegirl of the Week: Rep Acosta

Haven't had a Homegirl/boy of the Week in a while. This week, it's City Rep Emma Acosta.

Frankly, it's a damn shame that the city of El Paso is the only local government that doesn't recognize Veterans Day.

City representative Emma Acosta took a small step towards alleviating that situation during last weeks city Council meeting.

This year Veterans Day falls in the middle of the work week. Thanks to representative Acosta city workers will have the day off. That's a good thing!

Honorable mention for city representative Lily Limon. She raised the issue of making a permanent solution to the city of El Paso not recognizing Veterans Day. She wants to make it a permanent thing for the city of El Paso.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Three Fundraisers Tonight


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Rep Niland & Cell Phones on KLAQ

City Rep Cortney Niland, who mysteriously left the council meeting yesterday, popped up on the KLAQ Morning Show with Buzz Adams this morning.

Gotta love it when a city rep ditches a city council meeting but somehow has time to show up on a morning radio program. I'm sure District 8 is very happy with the selection of priorities by their city representative.

Anywho, back to the radio program...

I found a couple of things she said of particular interest and I'm sure you will too.

Lets back track a little, I'm guessing she was on Buzz this morning because she wanted to try to deflect from the piece written yesterday about her staffer, Jeremy Jordan, allegedly involved in some negative political activities against her council rivals.

Well played.

Although I find it funny that those that said Ordaz was going to be disliked by her colleagues on council and treated like the girl who has piojos at school now get a look at what Jordan was allegedly up to. Vince defending his girlfriend is a whole different story than staff directing interns to try to plant negative stories in the media.

So Niland tries to put the focus back on text messages. Bad move for Niland for a myriad of reasons but one of them is transparency. Her buddy Noe didn't do her any favors yesterday during the meeting either, but thats another post.

Niland already has been criticized about transparency when it comes to emails. Now she is critical of Ordaz for releasing a bunch of texts in response to an open record request. Well you're SUPPOSED to respond to an open records request. According to Niland and City Attorney Sylvia Firth, Ordaz released more texts than she was supposed to.

Here's a recording of Niland yucking it up about Textghazi ...

One problem...

Ordaz didn't release the text messages.

The city attorney did.

Which made the city council discussion about text messages yesterday funny to me because it was Firth who actually released them all. If she had a problem with what was included, then its her job to correct what she thought wasn't responsive to the request. She actually highlighted the fact that she didn't do her job?

But let me highlight what I think is the most interesting part of what Niland said on the radio this morning. Its this part about city reps using two different cell phones:

She's asked directly, "What do you do, carry around two cell phones?"

Her response is the funny part. She is evasive.

Before she can answer another female voice says "I would" and Niland's response is

"Most do, most do, yeah uh-huh, exactly, yeah...yeah."

When she says most do, she says that because here's a little secret you don't know. Niland does NOT have a city-issued cell phone. If I'm not mistaken, she's the ONLY member of council that does not.

Well she basically admitted she does city business on her personal cell phone. Remember her boy David K has patted himself on the back for orchestrating the text message ORR on Ordaz?

I do.

And do you remember what the catalyst was? It was a line in my blog where I sent a text message to all members of council about the raise for the city manager in case you forgot. That alone substantiates that she does city business on her cell phone. Which is really interesting because the recordings imply she doesn't text city business on her personal phone.


But hey don't take my word for it. After all, David K and Ali Razavi deserve full credit for uncovering the "story of the decade". So lets go to the messages in Textghazi.

Ruh-roh...what do I spy with my little eye?

Why, its text messages from none other than (drum roll) guessed it, City Rep Cortney Niland.

But I think Representative Niland actually sums up why so many text messages were released quite well with this last comment. Its a gem.

Socorro City Council Notes

Ah yes, just when you think Socorro is to be over-shadowed more stuff happens. So here are a few quick notes about some developments in Soco-Loco:

Anthony Gandara was elected to complete the term of the late Chito Bowling. Bowling passed away after thumping former District 4 City Rep Jesse "Little Jessie" Gandara. Little Jessie and the rest of G-Unit don't want to give up a hold on Socorro city politics and Anthony Gandara is going to seek re-election in the next round of city elections. Word around the campfire in Campestre is there are already a few people ready to step up.

Speaking of Gandaras - Jessie's ally Refugio Orta just got a pay check from the Socorro city council. Its not a lot, about $800, but it was for compensation of things like a jacket and gloves and other stuff. When you look in the back up for the meeting there really isn't sufficient info there.

I also heard that there is yet another movida happening having to do with property. On an upcoming agenda item a sitting member of council wants to have the city rent one of his properties. Not only does he want that to happen, but if that were to happen, then public fund could be expended to improve his private land. I'm working on getting more details on that one, so I'll follow up with more information soon.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Former Intern Alleges Niland Staffer Directed Activities Against Political Rivals

Jeremy Jordan, Staff for City Rep Niland
A former intern and City Hall personnel have indicated that a staffer with political aspirations directed politically-motivated activities against rivals of his boss City Rep Cortney Niland, including infiltrating events, sending anonymous emails to news outlets and bloggers, and "looking for dirt on Claudia Ordaz".

There is no indication that Representative Niland had knowledge of, or directed the activities of her staffer.

A former intern in the offices of both City Rep Cortney Niland and Claudia Ordaz has come forth alleging that he was instructed by Niland's staffer Jeremy Jordan to execute those activities against rivals of his boss, Rep Niland.

Christian Alexander is a student at UTEP studying finance and the founder of a neighborhood association. He has served as an intern for Representatives Niland and Ordaz and also interned in Congressman O'Rourke's office and a non-profit organization in Washington, DC. Internships of that nature are very competitive and highly sought-after.

Alexander indicated that while he was an intern for Niland's office that he was instructed by Jordan to participate in negative political activities against Niland's rivals because Jordan wanted to "put the offices on 'political defense' and the best way to keep the other reps busy was to throw stuff like this at them."

The former intern was referring to instructions he received from Jordan "about getting the poster out to all the news outlets..." The poster referred to was an advertisement of an employee-appreciation party being thrown by City Reps Limón and Robinson in August of 2014. Representative Niland and Representative Limón have had a very public feud for most of the time they have served on council together.

Alexander indicates that while he was an intern for Representative Niland's office Jordan instructed him to infiltrate a party that was thrown by City Representative Limón and Robinson.

Alexander says he was asked by Jordan to "make a fake email account to get this out and stay anonymous. He gave me the name Ms. Silence Dogooder because of the reference to Benjamin Franklin."

The reference is actually to Mrs. Silence Dogood, a pen name and character created by Ben Franklin to get his opinions published in the local paper. There is a reference to the pen name used by Franklin in National Treasure in which the name Silence Dogood is mentioned and is part of a secret code in the movie.

Mr. Alexander says that Jordan instructed him to infiltrate the event and take photos. That material was later sent out to more than 50 email addresses of members of the local media and one blogger.

Alexander says that he was asked to compose an email with the material and some talking points in order to try to plant a story with local media. "He told me to ask questions and get the media to research on their own. The sniff of a scandal was enough for him."

As you can see in this email, Mr. Alexander sent the email to the personal email address belonging to Jordan at 8:47pm. The subsequent screenshot shows it was the first email sent from the Silence Dogood account and was sent to Jordan for approval prior to sending them out to the media. "...he gave me the sheet with all the email addresses. The old office manager knew about it too.", stated Alexander.

"...he directed the questions, I typed them and got confirmation to send the emails."

A few minutes after the first email went out to Jordan, then Alexander was free to send out the email to over 50 different email addresses of members of the local media. The messages started going out at about 9:03 pm and went to staff at the El Paso Times, KVIA, KTSM. KFOX, El Diario, etc. (Here's just a sample)

And to Martin Paredes.

Paredes was the only person to have actually picked up what was being sent out by Niland's staff. Here is the post he wrote relating to what was being planted.

In July City Rep Claudia Ordaz made a presentation to city council about problems with funding for projects with the MPO. She first raised the issue a week prior to that meeting. The day before the meeting, Alexander says he was contacted by Jordan.

"He was looking for dirt on Claudia Ordaz", said Alexander. Mr. Alexander was no longer an intern at the City of El Paso at the time. In addition to serving as an intern in both offices, Alexander also served as a canvasser for Ordaz's re-election campaign.

When asked why he chose to go forward at this time with this information Mr. Alexander stated, "I'm sick of the corruption going on a city hall. I just want to do my part in uncovering it."

Ethics & Council Meeting Today

I'm excited to see today's council meeting because I'm part of a pool trying to guess the over/under on how quickly the ethics and contacting department heads item gets deleted.

I was pretty excited to see if there would be talk about just exactly how those roads got paved in Larry Romero's districts

Since "text-gate" it's now common knowledge that its kind of a thing for me to use Matt MacElroy in movie spoof posts so with apologies in advance - I can imagine the meeting going down like the end of A Few Good Men. You know, the you-can't-handle-the-truth scene.

I imagine MacElroy playing Tom Cruise and questioning some unidentified city staffer that has been thrown under the bus by city council (because that's how it always works).

Staffer: You snotty little bastard.

McElroy: I'd like an answer to the question Mayor.

Mayor Leeser: The Council will wait for an answer.

McElroy: If Lt. Romero gave an order that the alley wasn't to be paved, then why did it get paved? Colonel? Lt. Romero ordered the road paved because that's what you told him you'd do, YOU DOCTORED THE CIP, YOU COERCED THE ROAD CREW,  - DID YOU ORDER THE ROAD PAVED?

Mayor Leeser: You don't have to answer that question!

Staffer: I'll answer the question. You want answers?

MacElroy: I think I'm entitled to them.



Staffer: YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH! Son we live in a world with roads. And those roads need to be paved by crews with equipment. Who's gonna do it? You? You Lt. MacElroy? I have a greater responsibility than you can even imagine. You weep for roads in the valley and you curse the city staff. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know.

That those streets in the valley that were skipped while tragic, probably saved the Pershing Inn. And my existence, while grotesque to you, gets alleys paved. You don't want the truth because deep down in places you don't talk about at parties, you want me paving roads, you need me paving roads.

We use words like ROW, grating, and potholes. We use these words as the backbone of a life spent building something. You use them as a punchline. I have neither the time, nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who comes and goes on the blacktop blanket that I provide and then questions the manner in which I provide it. I would rather you just said thank you and went on your way. Otherwise I suggest you pick up a shovel and fill some potholes, either way I DON'T GIVE A DAMN WHAT YOU THINK YOU ARE ENTITLED TO!

MacElroy: Did you order the alley paved?

Staffer: I did the job I was -


Staffer: You're God-damn right I did!

At least that's how it would go down in my head. Yes, I watch too many war movies. Its a problem.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Romero Under Fire (Again); Withdraws Nominee

City Rep Larry Romero is in another pickle, this time not dealing with the city manager's raise, or even the streets this time.

Now its about his appointment to the City Planning Commission. The El Paso Times wrote a scathing editorial recently about Romero that surely will ultimately be the death of his political career. The Times editorial focuses not only on the controversial appointment to the CPC, but also the streets incident.

Here is a link to the editorial if you haven't read it yet.

They recently wrote a column critical of City Rep Niland that was critical as well. When I read them the first time my only thought was "Zas!".

Look its one thing for those of us in the blogosphere to be critical of an elected official, but we are just bloggers. Its a whole other story when the daily paper of record is critical of policy positions.

Its far more serious.

Personally I think the streets things is a bigger deal because it was about the process that was went about. It was about the optics of what was done as well. To compare what he did to Reps Limón and Robison is simply silly.

None of them got paving projects for campaign donors or the streets they live on.

I think this portion of the editorial in particular nails it: "Contrary to Romero's beliefs, elected officials are not best positioned to know the engineering needs of their districts. That would be a job for engineers.

What El Paso elected officials have been good at over the years, to the detriment of our community, is back-scratching, self-dealing and pay-to-play. That led to a culture of corruption exposed by the FBI in the past decade that El Paso is still recovering from."
But calls for resignations and the like are premature. Its always the knee-jerk reaction whenever someone does something stupid or unpopular. Both of which Romero's latest move are.

Resignation gets thrown around a lot irresponsibly like other words including nepotism, unethical, illegal, etc. Most of the time when people use those terms they are describing something they don't like rather than something that actually fits the definition of the word.

But all we can do is roll our eyes when we hear it because its up to the people who live in his district to decide if they think its time for him to go during the next round of elections. Sure you can make the argument that city reps make decisions that affect us all, and the streets thing is a perfect example, but we get to vote one way or another because we don't live in his district. Its up to the people of District 2 to make up their minds about Rep Romero during the next election.

Will he have an opponent? I think that is a foregone conclusion considering how many people ran for the seat the first time and now they have something to run against. But that is their choice, not ours.

What is more concerning for me in all of this is Rep Noe's rather quick about-face on the street thing. He went from calling it corruption one day and then two days later says there was no wrong-doing. What piece of information does Rep Noe know that we don't that made him change his opinion so drastically in such a short time?

He should probably share it, otherwise he's leaving his wingman behind.

And you never leave a wingman behind, just ask Maverick.

Whatever that information is, I think we'd all like to know what Noe knows...

(NOTE: David K said something interesting in this piece that was interesting. Find out later today about the use of "burner emails" to communicate with those of us in the blogosphere. I think you'll find it very interesting.)

Friday, September 11, 2015

Romero Pulled a Gandara?

I saw a piece on TV last night on KVIA about the Romero road issue. I'm actually pretty surprised at what the report said, although I'm not at all surprised that David K is defending Romero on the issue given the fact that David's family business here in El Paso has done road construction projects for the city.

Maria Garcia's piece indicates that an alley was repaved that wasn't on the city's approved list of projects.

An alley.

Thats right, for those of you driving around central, or as David K himself points out, the valley - you're driving around on shitty roads while an ALLEY was paved.

Turns out that two of his campaign donors benefitted from a project Romero got done too.

Are you fucking kidding?  First an ally and then campaign donors benefit from a project?

Look I'm not saying that donating to a campaign disqualifies you from ever having a project done on your street or anything. But I am saying you have to be aware of the optics of an issue and Jesus Christ this one looks bad.

Allow me to quote an old school hip hop song (bonus points if you know the name of the song) by Onyx when I say, "but, but, but, wait it gets worse..."

Romero apparently channeled his inner Gandara and had his own road paved! Oh I'm sorry, I mean he "suggested" his road be paved. Again, the optics.

And actually, the Gandara's didn't even pull that off. There was an agenda item earlier this year that would've had the streets paved in a subdivision that included the street Councilman Gandara lives on in Socorro. As soon as city council in Socorro got wind of that little plot it was killed.

At least Romero isn't refusing to comment this time. Or maybe it was because Garcia showed up to the State of the City with a camera, but she got comment from him. (Say what you want about Ordaz but have you EVER heard of her running and ducking from questions from the media on anything?) His explanation defies basic logic because in one breath he said that he doesn't think his neighbors know he's a city rep and in the next says that they know to contact his office about the street?

Are we to believe his neighbors are that stupid?

That would have been the most mind-blowing thing I'd heard from an elected official in that story if it hadn't been for Representative Noe.

Talk about an about-face!

In the El Paso Inc article I referenced recently Noe pretty much calls getting the street projects that weren't part of the CIP plan done a form of corruption. Hell he went so far as to characterize it as "abuse of power".

Now he says, "its completely appropriate".

I bullshit you not.

Here's the link to the El Paso Inc. article and here is a link to the piece on KVIA.

Noe and Romero have reverted to a time-honored tradition on council. When something bad happens, don't take responsibility for it, blame your staff. Just like they did with the MPO.

I guess what David K and Reps Noe and Romero don't understand is the fact that there is a process. If, as Rep Noe says, "its completely appropriate" then why the need to actually stop projects?

But since they both mentioned it...who exactly are Noe and Romero alleging made the call to have the streets done?

Surely not the City Manager right?

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Dizzy Dave Strikes Again

The walking epitome of hypocrisy does it again. 

Now he admits he got a document from Niland. Personally I don't give a shit but I think it's hilarious that he thinks no one sees through his hypocrisy when in one breath he pretends he isn't taking orders from her and in the next he says I'm "threatening" her. 

That's on the level of his assertion that text messages are the biggest story of the decade.

Personally I figured that it wasn't actually Niland who leaked him the document. I figured it was her staffer Jeremy Jordan. 

I don't fault Dizzy for doing that, I just think he should stop lying and pretending he isn't taking orders...

El Paso GOP Announcement

My friends on the right asked me to post this.

Now I have to shower...

Dizzy Dave Spins Again...

My favorite hypocrite of the blogosphere is having yet another edition of the old guy shaking his fist at people saying "you kids stay off my grass".

I'll keep it short. 

I'm not insinuating he's in cahoots with Niland.

I'm flat out saying it.

On more than one occasion something has been pitched to me and if I didn't write it, it was on Refuse the Truth shortly thereafter.

So David K is in no position to talk about facts when he is pretty famous for doing what he did in his last post, make a bunch of shit up and just throw it out there. 

But since we are talking facts let's tell the truth David K...

You for some reason posted an unredacted version of the se texts that were available via Maxi Pad's blog, which you also linked to.

But what's interesting is that only 4 people had access to the version you posted. Three guesses who one of them was...

Now it will be fun to see how many city reps get new phones and new phone numbers...although that doesn't give them the protection they think it does...

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Romero Under Fire

In a very rare midweek story on the El Paso Inc, City Rep Larry Romero is under fire from his own colleagues on council in an article written by veteran reporter David Crowder.

Click here to read the article.

The story uncovers information about 9 streets being paved in Romero's district over the last year that were never on the city's approved street improvement plan. According to the article they streets were paved at the request of Representative Romero.

Those actions are being called "corruption" and "abuse of power" by Eastside City Rep Michiel Noe.

Amazingly Rep. Romero didn't respond to requests for comment from Crowder.

Representative Niland was also critical of Romero in the El Paso Inc story. She called it "dangerous" and said it could lead to politicians having influence on street paving decisions "instead of making it on need."

City Manager Tommy Gonzalez was also unavailable for comment according to the article.

What is particularly concerning is the fact that the addition of streets paved was questioned during a recent council meeting and an answer was given to council that indicated that there was no deviation from the council-approved plan. But that answer was later changed in response to a question from Crowder.

The article also says that the projects that are still on-going have since stopped.

Something to keep an eye on.

Open Letter to the Blogosphere

Hello ladies, its been a while since we’ve had a chance to chat. 

That’s my bad, I’ve been super busy being the mastermind behind, well everything. Its really time-consuming being the embodiment of all the crap you guys say. 

As you can tell I haven’t posted much lately. I sorta like fucking with you guys since your blogs are basically blogs about my blog or me. So I thought it would be fun to watch you guys give each other reach-arounds while you wait for me to create new content so you can have something to write about. 

As luck would have it, you guys have gotten yourselves into quite the pickle lately. Mostly because of how silly you guys look trying to spin. 

So lets talk text messages shall we?

First of all none of you idiots can seem to actually get the order of things or understand who is saying what. Or maybe because its not written in crayon. So let me help you dumb asses out. 

I never said anything about Cortney’s looks. That was Vince, not me and he was defending Ordaz because someone, another woman no less, was saying that she won by a large margin in her election and expected special treatment because she's a pretty face with a big win margin.

So excuse me if I think your collective spin effort at writing Rep Ordaz's political obituary is laugh out-loud silly considering you guys can't even get basic facts right.

But my favorite thing I've heard you stooges say recently is David Karlsruher of Refuse the Truth, calling the release of text messages the biggest story in a decade.

Seriously, he said that. You'd think he was broadcasting the explosion of the Hindenburg over Fox Plaza.

Just kidding, he's never been anywhere near Fox Plaza.

Oh the humanity!

Ordaz's texts about the MPO, the chupacabra, and a puppy ordinance are the biggest story in a decade?

Really David K? Are you hitting the sticky-icky?

The rise of Isis, disappearance of a Malaysian Airliner, police violence, the economy, the outbreak of Ebola, the capture and death of Usama Bin Laden...those stories all pale in comparison to text messages from Ordaz?

But hey, David K is always good for a healthy dose of hyperbole and hypocrisy.

I mean lets be real, this isn't the first time David K has stomped his feet and held his breath in order for someone to pay attention to him on something he perceives as a big deal. Remember the temper tantrum he threw about the Friends of Peter Svarzbein? He totally lost his shit over it and was furious that no one cared.

I guess David gets a little dizzy with all that spinning and is forgetful of his own words sometimes (like Dory from Finding Nemo, Just Keep Spinning, just keep spinning...)because he said something else recently that made me laugh.

Dizzy Dave said that City Attorney Sylvia Firth outsmarted Ordaz.

Lets for a moment pretend that is true. It implies that the city attorney is adversarial to her clients. Not sure that is really the message Dizzy Dave wants to imply but he did nonetheless.

But it got me to start thinking about ol' Dizzy Dave and Firth. You see there was a time that he wasn't holding pom-poms for her like he is now. Back when Niland wanted her out, there was some not-so nice things said about her. By none other than Dizzy Dave himself no less.

So Firth things Firth....

Remember the time he said Firth and the Mayor were behind all the problems at city hall with the city manager selection (cue the ol'timey memory sequence...)

Or how about the time he all but accused Firth of breaking the law?

Actually I'm surprised he didn't get sued (again) for that one since he said "we know".

But now he's holding her pom-poms....

All that spinning has made the blogosphere absolutely dizzy.

Before I let you go back to blogging about me I thought I'd include a little video, mostly because I know how hard Fallas Paredes finds reading to be. I know buddy, all those letters on the screen can be so confusing...

Your Pal,


Ruben Gonzalez Campaign Event

Senator Rodriguez Campaign Event

Rocha Campaign Event (Tax Assessor Collector race)

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Labor Day Breakfast

Well yesterday's Labor Day Breakfast was pretty uneventful.

No surprises, no fights, no slights.

Not even the awkward moment of enemies sitting near each other.

For whatever reason they didn't mention candidates this year which boggles the mind because that's the reason people actually attend the Labor Day breakfast the fall before a spring election.

It looks like there were far less candidates in attendance than previous years too. 

Interestingly there was only one that had literature printed with the union label on it.

Yvonne Rosales, candidate for District Attorney who is facing incumbent Jaime Esparza and fellow challenger Lenny Morales had lit with the union label on it. That means she went out of her way to use a union printer because I don't think there is still even a union printer in town.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

From Mayor Maya Sanchez (San Elizario)

As a reminder, today is the last day to submit public comment in the environmental assessment phase of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's review of the Comanche Trail Pipeline. We ONLY have until today at 2pm MST.

We have made it extremely easy to comment! It can be done online and I have provided a document that you may use as a template. Of course, you may write your own comment but it is important to do so before the 2pm MST deadline.

If you previously commented, you may login with your email and password (password recovery is an option). This method may autofill your precious info. BUT you must be sure to enter the correct docket number! For those who didn't previously comment, the link to register is below.

Please note, in commenting you MUST reference our docket number CP15-503-000 in the body of your comment. (Please see sample)

If using the sample comment, simply change your personal info. Lastly, Internet Explorer has some problems with theFERC website so if you have access to another internet  browser, I suggest using it.

ETP is also hosting a meeting on September 15th from 5:30 to 7:30 at the Clint Community Center at 200 North San Elizario, Clint, TX 79836. We need as many people in attendance as possible! This is your chance to find out the route of the Comanche Trail and ask the experts any questions you may have. A meeting with ONEOK (Roadrunner Pipeline) is still pending.

Medina Loses in Landslide

By an almost 8-1 margin Othon Medina lost the election for the state chair of the Tejano Democrats at the convention over the weekend.

Joey Cardenas was elected the state chair by a vote count of 872-168 according to sources at the convention.

As previously mentioned Medina is often viewed as controversial because of what some characterize as confrontational and difficult to deal with which may explain why he didn't have much support, though he carried sizable support among the El Paso delegation.

Another large factor is the fact that Harris County showed up with 300 delegates. They basically ran the convention with that many delegates because voting is at least partially based on chapter strength.

BLOG NOTE: I've been getting a lot of questions about the amount (or lack thereof) of posting on my blog lately. I've been busy. I'm up to something. Also, its been pretty quiet on the campaign fronts.