Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Labor Day Breakfast

Well yesterday's Labor Day Breakfast was pretty uneventful.

No surprises, no fights, no slights.

Not even the awkward moment of enemies sitting near each other.

For whatever reason they didn't mention candidates this year which boggles the mind because that's the reason people actually attend the Labor Day breakfast the fall before a spring election.

It looks like there were far less candidates in attendance than previous years too. 

Interestingly there was only one that had literature printed with the union label on it.

Yvonne Rosales, candidate for District Attorney who is facing incumbent Jaime Esparza and fellow challenger Lenny Morales had lit with the union label on it. That means she went out of her way to use a union printer because I don't think there is still even a union printer in town.


carlos said...

Care to comment on the Open Records request that showed you exchanging texts with City Rep Ordaz?

Jose Garcia said...

Hey Carlos, wrong blog! Respect the blog! Anyway, it doesn't surprise me that neither Esparza or the other guy don't give a crap about union. It was very nice that Yvonne Rosales obviously cares about union. Hell, if she went out of her way (out of town) to pay union for her materials, that shows a lot. She just earned my vote!

Anonymous said...


The Lion Star said...

Carlos I posted one piece on it so far.

The Lion Star said...

What's your specific question I'll be happy to answer it. Say what you want about me but I don't duck and hide from anyone or anything.