Thursday, September 24, 2015

Mark T. Davis' Comments About Veterans Lead to Protest Action

We live in the era of social media gaffe's so its not uncommon to see someone say something on social media they probably really think but decide later its not a good idea for the whole world to know its something you really think.

Its worse when I news stations reports on it, then posts an update on social media about the story, posts the story on their website, and airs the story...and then the next day its all gone.



A prominent El Paso attorney Mark T. Davis made these remarks recently on his Facebook page:

Mr. Davis didn't stop there. He also posted this comment:

And this one:

Those comments didn't sit well with several veterans in El Paso and several veterans groups are apparently organizing a picket on Monday at Mr. Davis' office on Lomaland.

Mr. Davis apparently got wind of the demonstration and posted this on social media:

Which is really interesting because Mr. Davis actually deleted the original Facebook post. So apparently he invokes his right to freedom of speech but he self-censored.


Then he compares a particular group of veterans "immature" and says they "act like terrorists..."

I don't know the guy but like a lot of veterans, his comments obviously piss me off. A guy who probably never humped a ruck, laced up some boots, or stood a post has the nerve to disparage people who actually had the balls to take an oath and protect their country.

I don't get it, if he felt so strongly about the constitution and the first amendment, why wouldn't a lawyer stand by his words? Why would he delete them.

More importantly, what the hell happened to the story.

Alidina Rosales, who is the Public Affairs Officer for the El Paso Veterans & Riders Association has organized a demonstration scheduled for Monday morning.

Here are the details:

Monday, 9/28/2015

9:00 am

in front of Mr. Davis' practice located at 1554 Lomaland

For More Information call (915) 487-3211 

She has posted on social media screen shots that show the story was there one day and gone the next.

Here is a screenshot of the KVIA Facebook post about the story that was up yesterday.

But when I tried to follow the link, this is what came up:

I called to speak to the news director at KVIA earlier this morning to find out why but she has not returned my call as of the time of this post. 

So I have no official word for the station as to why a story was advertised on social media, aired, then the story deleted from social media and the station website.

Probably not the wisest thing for an attorney who practices in a military town say. I'm pretty sure a few of the judges in the court house that are veterans aren't going to be happy either. 

I'm sure there will be more developments on this one, I'll keep you posted. 


Concern Veteran said...

Protesting is are constitutional right for free speech too...and he's lawyer, smh

John Dungan said...

I guess I missed this post all week, until this morning. Wow! This guy's got some chutzpah to verbalize such an uninformed opinion in a military town! And, he's a lawyer?! But, then, his office is on Lomaland? Lot of serious legal work comin' out of that part of town, I guess. (I remember when I first came to El Paso on change of station orders, to Ft. Bliss, way back in 1967, Lomaland was like the far east side of town. But, that's not germane to this situation, is it)?

I gotta wonder where this lawyer gets his information, and what he bases his opinions on. I mean, does he show up in court (like I believe he's a litigator, snark, snark)so ill prepared?

This is sad, and Channel Seven's rationale for not leaving this up on their web site is just weak.

Anonymous said...

What a hoax this is. I just listened to Davis calling in to Mike and Trish and trying to back pedal on his original comments. I think he got off the hook too easily but I'm glad you called him out on what the outrage had been about. I hope we no longer give Davis the time of day and free publicity. His ignorance and cowardice was shown on this morning's call.

motherflower2u2 said...

What a hack this guy is. I just heard him on Mike and Tricia and heard how he was back pedaling on his original comments. Don't come out now and act like a concerned citizen. What a jerk. To make such blanket statements and then try to pull a switcheroo and act like he is concerned. I think we now know what an ignorant and coward man this is based on this mornings call. Let's not give this man anymore publicity. I'm glad he was called out by you on this call.