Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Rep Niland & Cell Phones on KLAQ

City Rep Cortney Niland, who mysteriously left the council meeting yesterday, popped up on the KLAQ Morning Show with Buzz Adams this morning.

Gotta love it when a city rep ditches a city council meeting but somehow has time to show up on a morning radio program. I'm sure District 8 is very happy with the selection of priorities by their city representative.

Anywho, back to the radio program...

I found a couple of things she said of particular interest and I'm sure you will too.

Lets back track a little, I'm guessing she was on Buzz this morning because she wanted to try to deflect from the piece written yesterday about her staffer, Jeremy Jordan, allegedly involved in some negative political activities against her council rivals.

Well played.

Although I find it funny that those that said Ordaz was going to be disliked by her colleagues on council and treated like the girl who has piojos at school now get a look at what Jordan was allegedly up to. Vince defending his girlfriend is a whole different story than staff directing interns to try to plant negative stories in the media.

So Niland tries to put the focus back on text messages. Bad move for Niland for a myriad of reasons but one of them is transparency. Her buddy Noe didn't do her any favors yesterday during the meeting either, but thats another post.

Niland already has been criticized about transparency when it comes to emails. Now she is critical of Ordaz for releasing a bunch of texts in response to an open record request. Well you're SUPPOSED to respond to an open records request. According to Niland and City Attorney Sylvia Firth, Ordaz released more texts than she was supposed to.

Here's a recording of Niland yucking it up about Textghazi ...

One problem...

Ordaz didn't release the text messages.

The city attorney did.

Which made the city council discussion about text messages yesterday funny to me because it was Firth who actually released them all. If she had a problem with what was included, then its her job to correct what she thought wasn't responsive to the request. She actually highlighted the fact that she didn't do her job?

But let me highlight what I think is the most interesting part of what Niland said on the radio this morning. Its this part about city reps using two different cell phones:

She's asked directly, "What do you do, carry around two cell phones?"

Her response is the funny part. She is evasive.

Before she can answer another female voice says "I would" and Niland's response is

"Most do, most do, yeah uh-huh, exactly, yeah...yeah."

When she says most do, she says that because here's a little secret you don't know. Niland does NOT have a city-issued cell phone. If I'm not mistaken, she's the ONLY member of council that does not.

Well she basically admitted she does city business on her personal cell phone. Remember her boy David K has patted himself on the back for orchestrating the text message ORR on Ordaz?

I do.

And do you remember what the catalyst was? It was a line in my blog where I sent a text message to all members of council about the raise for the city manager in case you forgot. That alone substantiates that she does city business on her cell phone. Which is really interesting because the recordings imply she doesn't text city business on her personal phone.


But hey don't take my word for it. After all, David K and Ali Razavi deserve full credit for uncovering the "story of the decade". So lets go to the messages in Textghazi.

Ruh-roh...what do I spy with my little eye?

Why, its text messages from none other than (drum roll) guessed it, City Rep Cortney Niland.

But I think Representative Niland actually sums up why so many text messages were released quite well with this last comment. Its a gem.

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