Thursday, September 24, 2015

UPDATE: KVIA Responds to Removing Story about Mark T. Davis Comments

I spoke to the news director and she indicated the decision to remove the story was an editorial decision made in the newsroom but acknowledged it looked nefarious.

She indicated that they attempted to get comment from Mr. Davis and called his office several times and finally went in person and they overheard him say he wasn't going to comment on the matter. She indicated without his side of the story they didn't feel that it was doing the community a service having a story that wasn't complete because the more they looked into it the more questions were raised.

I mentioned that they have reported stories with no comment from one side plenty of times and she acknowledged that was true but indicated that they just didn't feel the story was complete. Although that doesn't explain whey it was originally aired.

I asked if Mr. Davis advertised with the station and she indicate that she didn't know.

For what its worth, I believe her. I worked around a newsroom and they rarely pay attention to who is advertising unless there is something big involving a major advertiser.

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