Wednesday, October 14, 2015


In case you missed it last night on the news or in today’s paper, there was even more bickering at city hall yesterday. 

I know, shocker right?

During the meeting Rep Niland spontaneously spouts off about being recorded by City Rep Limón during the meeting. 

went a step further than requesting text messages. Through the Freedom of Information Act I requested a copy of Rep Limón's cell phone video. I have obtained a copy of the cell phone footage that Rep Limón recorded of Rep Niland during yesterday’s council meeting. 

Here is the exclusive footage:

Who knew Niland was such a Britney fan?

Obviously I’m kidding about the video. But it reminded me of something from a few months back. 

A few months ago big shots from the Chamber of Commerce went in front of city council and argued (with a straight face no less) that revisiting the city manager’s raise was an “embarrassment” to the community.

Well, it wasn’t an embarrassment. It was a responsible and necessary conversation.

I hope those same business leaders will go to city council and chastise them for their constant bickering, because that is the real embarrassment to this community. 

This time even David K can’t blame Rep Ordaz for this one. Lately he pretty much blames her for everything wrong from the death of Bevo to the lack of offense from the Dallas Cowboys. 

City Council’s constant bickering came to a boiling point again yesterday during the city council meeting. I think most of this town is now sick of Rep Niland’s constant whining about Rep Limón. 

Rep Niland started to complain about being recorded by Rep Limón during the city council meeting. Maybe Rep Niland’s staffer Jeremy Jordan should send an intern to spy on the IT department to see if the meeting is being streamed and recorded and then report back to his boss. 

Or maybe she can turn to her left and look at all those fancy devices standing on tripods. Those are called cameras. They record things. 

There has been a definite change in the Honey Badger since her narrow re-election. Now she’s more like Honey Bother since everything seems to bother her and eventually leads to another public tantrum. 

No elected official has had such a sudden public redefinition of themselves in such a short period of time that I can recall. When she was a passionate advocate for the tax payer leading the fight against utilities was when she was really in her groove. Thats when she earned the name Honey Badger. Now she has made a conscious effort to stay away from taking the lead on anything controversial and has gone from passionate to whiney. 

But my question is simple. 


Its not like she has a shot at another office anymore after narrowly defeating an ill-prepared candidates with plenty of baggage while having a huge fundraising advantage.
The latest tantrum just makes her look unstable. Like she is cracking under the pressure of leadership. 

Limon stated she wasn’t recording Niland and even held up her two phones and state that they were off. Why do you have two phones on your desk if they are both off was my immediate question.

But that doesn’t really matter. Its a public meeting. Almost every news media outlet in town is at the meeting. The meeting is being broadcast and streamed. You’re already being recorded. What in the blue hell bothers you about being recorded in a public place?

Here’s a link to KVIA’s website that shows the entire altercation. Niland tries to call a point of order and eventually the city attorney tells her there is nothing that covers Niland’s concerns. 

As easily as Niland becomes rattled it reminded me of an old video from a Britney spears fan years ago. 

Seriously, if people want to talk about what is and is not an embarrassment to this community maybe they shouldn’t be talking about a discussion of revisiting a raise to the city manager because that conversation should begin and end with the conduct of some members of city council. 

That is what is truly an embarrassment. 

And Rep Niland knows it too. Normally you can’t keep her away from a microphone. But she wouldn’t comment to KVIA on the story. 

But lets all keep this in mind about Rep Niland. As it is clearly stated in the video, "you're lucky she even performed for you bastards...anyone who has a problem you deal with me. Because she's not well right now!"



Anonymous said...

Niland could get assaulted and robbed but you would still find someway to fault her.

The Lion Star said...

Oh please, pobresita!