Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Fernando Chacon on Municipal Courts

I sat down with prominent El Paso attorney Fernando Chacon, affectionately known around town as Fernie the Attorney, to talk a little more about the article on BuzzFeed that featured problems at the El Paso Municipal Courts.

Chacon played a prominent role in getting the courts to change how they punished people for tickets several years ago, which is why BuzzFeed consulted him on their article.

City Council will be taking this issue up and I wanted to pick his brain on what he thought would be good policy recommendations to city council regarding the issue.

Chacon also explains in more detail what the actual procedural problems there are with the municipal courts in addition to policy suggestions for City Council to consider when they take up this issue in the near future.

(SIDE NOTE: This interview was done on video but its time to replace the old stand-by, she's starting to go out on me. Luckily I learned to record audio separately because its usually better quality than what a video camera picks up, so I at least have the audio. Its raw and unedited but I found the conversation interesting so I left it "as is".)

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