Friday, October 23, 2015

Homegirl of the Week: Lily Limón

She didn't have to do it because she wasn't wrong in the first place. But she did it anyway.

City Rep Limón's public apology for her reaction to an outburst accusation from Rep Niland was the classiest thing to come out of city hall in a really long time.

What I thought was great about the apology is that she was very specific about apologizing for how she reacted to the accusation from Niland that she was recording her, but held her ground on other issues.

Limón was unfairly blamed for the altercation at a recent city council meeting and trying to expect City Rep Noe to play umpire and expect him to be a fair arbiter was unrealistic and he predictably took the side of his council ally.

But, that didn't mean Limón had to respond the way she did, although one could certainly understand her frustration after having to deal with an adversarial relationship for so long. Limón lost her cool and she admitted it. She's a career administrator and educator, so she should be better at managing classroom sophomoric antics.

Heres some free messaging advice to all you politicos out there. I've made this comparison before. When Ali had Foreman backing up and hurt in the Rumble in the Jungle, he threw the knock out punch, and then very gracefully and artistically stepped aside and let him fall. So when your opponent or adversary is losing their shit, acting a fool, or a hot mess in public (pick your metaphor), step to the side and allow them to fall. You look classy and it further underscores their flaws. There are countless examples of how that hasn't happen locally when it should've, but you'll thank me for the advice one day.

Limón isn't everyone's cup of tea. Hell, she's not always my cup of tea either. But lets be real for a moment, how many other members of council would've actually stepped up to offer an apology?

Frankly I think the community is owed an apology from the rest of council. I think they all need to take some time to sincerely reflect on their actions and how they have neither contributed to a better El Paso nor portrayed Chucotown in a positive light.

I hope after than sincere reflection that they apologize to the electorate and commit themselves to being more professional. Personal bullshit shouldn't impede the work of City Hall.

Instead of worrying how the movie Sicario makes El Paso look, maybe our city council needs to reflect on how THEY make El Paso look.

Limón showed she was the bigger person. Good for her, and good for this community. It takes that time of leadership to right the ship and get back to the business of the people of El Paso.


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John Dungan said...

I think you've got it. She would have been better served just sitting there and letting Niland carry on. Noe was a complete and total zero (ineffective, useless, whiny, and way off the point). And, yes, the entire City Council, Limon excepted, should offer the residents of El Paso an apology, and they should knuckle down and get to work to accomplish the things they owe us.