Thursday, October 8, 2015

How the Honey Badger Stole Christmas

In what is turning in to the longest public works project this side of Pharaoh's pyramid, the plazita downtown has hit yet another delay. Which means there is no guarantee that the plaza will be open by this Christmas.

Which if you buy what the fancy new city hall decorations say about accountability then we should all be holding City Rep Cortney Niland for yet another delay in the project that was already a campaign issue since her re-election campaign.

Well thanks a lot Honey Bader, no Christmas in the plazita again this year. Looks like we will be doing another Christmas at the library. Yay.

Seriously, Honey Badger may have really screwed up big time.

If you caught Tuesday's council meeting you'll see that Rep Niland was in rare form about a couple of items but lets talk about the plazita first because its going to be the one that probably causes her, and the average El Pasoan, the most grief.

Watch this video of a KVIA story that aired yesterday and you'll see exactly what I mean:

Did you catch it?

Yep, thats right. City Rep Cortney Niland admitted the city has "culpability" in the delay of San Jacinto. She even repeated it dramatically as she turned toward the media.

She just compromised the City's legal position and it may end up costing the taxpayer a pretty chunk of change in the process.

Remember that the contractor was assessed a fine of $1000 per day for every day that the project is delayed. That was probably the only redeeming factor in the delay of such a high-profile project. And now, we can probably kiss that money goodbye because Rep Niland said the city had "culpability".

Its bad enough she admitted culpability, its worse that it was during a city council meeting, and its even worse that she sorta performed the political hari kari in front of the media.

So now the project will almost certainly be delayed beyond Christmas because the project's new delays will likely be more than just a canopy. The project will now almost certainly be delayed by legal proceedings.

Sal Gomez will probably be Mayor of El Paso before this project is done.


Okay, lets get to the other stuff she said during Tuesday's council meeting that caught my attention. If you read this article in the El Paso Times yesterday you'll notice some rather interesting quotes from the Honey Badger herself, Cortney Niland.

"Instead of focusing on we can move and advance this community, focus on leading our individual districts, some members of council are more focused on the 'caught you,' and thats very sad," she said.

And by "some members of council" does she mean her own office? Because it reminded me of her former intern who came forward stating that he was instructed by her staffer, Jeremy Jordan, to commit a little "caught you" of their own. You memmer, member?

She goes on to say in the article, "The climate is one that is not collaborative. Its more focused on nasty texts about people's appearance, nasty texts about what people are doing with their discretionary funds, nasty texts or emails or open records requests, instead of focusing on their job at hand," she added.

Really Honey Badger? Let's talk about focus. Aren't you the same city rep that made a public spectacle about where you were sitting for like 6 months? That's collaborative?

In order to have access to budgetary data, which is the primary function of people in charge of our tax dollars, City Rep Limón has to resort to open records requests to get information that should be readily available to anyone making decisions about tax dollars? Is that the collaborative environment of which you speak?

Or how about all that talk of you wanting to help a recall effort of your own colleague, the very same Rep Limón? You think that is a collaborative climate?

I'm sorry Rep Niland but you don't get to complain about a lack of a collaborative climate when your own office has been busted in the political espionage ploys that have been going on.

The amount of bullshit in the last city council meeting stacked so high it reminded me of, well...Pharaoh's pyramid.

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Not Honey Badger, more like Honey Boo Boo. Just as spoiled and plump and trashy.