Monday, October 26, 2015

Niland, Svarzbein Show Sense of Humor

I've been pretty critical of City Reps Nikand and Svarzbein lately, although the critiques are fair and issue-based. I don't do personal. 

But, I wanted to pass on some funny stuff from the last week that I thought you'd get a kick out of and shows that the two have a sense of humor.

First let's start with City Rep Niland. She posted this Back to the Future meme on her Instagram account and I found it hilarious. Good for her. I've seen it ther places but the first time I saw it was on her account. 

The next this I want to share is from Rep Svarzbein. I ran into him last week at a political event and he had a gift for me. It was an attempt at humor and probably a bit of a "fuck you" to me. 

Gotta respect the moxie.

If you recall I posted a video of him acting pretty silly as part of an effort by the city to promote their intranet to their staff. 

Now I can't stop playing with the damn thing.

Well played Svarzbein, well played.

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