Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Norwood, Valenti Both Gone in the Same Day

There are so many ways in which the County differs from the City and yesterday was one of the clearest distinctions between the two entities. 

Where the City is dealing with in-fighting and staffers engaging in black-ops against other city reps and the City is struggling to get major things done, the County certainly showed they move with a purpose. 

While the City struggles with their chief administrator and all the headlines he seems to make, the County just ripped the band-aide off and fired theirs seemingly out of no where. 

It actually reminded me of something Rep Niland said when she went on the air a couple of weeks ago the day after it came to light that her staffer Jeremy Jordan had recruited and instructed interns to engage in negative political activities at the city. She said that a lot of that stuff was just an effort by the county to distract from all their problems. 

Which is interesting if you're keeping score. 

The City raised your taxes and gave their administrator a big fat raise because he's so great and they don't want to lose him. 

The County has 4 taxing budgets it approves - theirs, UMC's, and ESDs 1 & 2. 

So while the City of El Paso only has one - and they raised your taxes, neither the County, UMC nor the ESD's raised taxes. 

In fact the ESD's lowered taxes. 

There was no indication why Norwood was let go officially but Commissioner Haggerty mentioned him having some personal issues that required the change. That means he's probably been warned about what they personal issues were before and it continued to be an issue. 

What ever "it" is. 

Or was I should say. 

Valenti - Gone but not gone

While many people will be happy that he is resigning, he is not exactly leaving right away. He's just not seeking another contract as the CEO of UMC. He's going to finish out his current contract which I think means he gets a big fat... you guessed it... BONUS. 

Gotta respect his game. 

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