Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Rep Romero Recall Rumblings...

Ever since city council voted to give the city manager a raise the talk of recall began to swirl around City Reps Romero and Niland.

In general I look at recall talk as sort of political terrorism. Its an extreme measure meant to accomplish nothing more than to blow shit up. And the talk of recall against Niland was probably at least partially attributed to the fact that she limped in to reelection by barely beating a candidate that was handicapped by not having any money, any name ID, a criminal record, no presence in the community and being associated with Hector Montes and Stephanie Townsend-Allala.

And he still almost won.

Niland still has to be in office for awhile before anyone can realistically move against her, although there has been plenty of talk of her trying to engineer a recall effort against Rep Limón. Well, until the city manager raise vote. Then that all seems to have gone away but the chatter was she had a candidate and a budget ready to go.

Any who, the real recall talk has surrounded Rep Romero as of late.

In this Facebook post by Adam Gurrola, he is digging up a campaign piece from when he ran for the seat against Romero a couple years ago.

I know what you're thinking. Was he going for the Arizona flag, the Japanese flag, or the Virgen de Guadalupe? Not sure, but when I saw him post it, I hit him up to see if he was trying to send a message with the post.

Gurrola indicated that he was "gearing up" for a run.

Obviously a few things have to happen before he can do so, and the biggest obstacle is getting the required number of signatures.

News flash - it's not that hard.

All you need is signatures and anyone who has ever done a field program knows its a hell of a lot easier to knock on someone's door and get them to sign a petition than it is to get them to come out and vote.

Gurrola will likely face some other people if the recall becomes a reality, including Jim Tolbert and Michael Apodaca. And Gurrola didn't have money last time. But he has a higher profile now than he did before.

But someone has to take the lead in getting signatures before anything else happens.

The reality is candidates are gearing up. Sure, all those guys lost to Romero last time. But that was a different race. Romero had all the money and it was a race for an open seat. So money plays a bigger role in a race for an open seat.

But you know what those guys didn't have that they have this time?

Something to campaign against.

It was an open seat to replace Susie Byrd and it was during the mayoral race. So the campaign talk was all philosophical. Now they have a message they can leverage with the raise, the roads, and the brother's contract work with the city manager.

Those are all incredibly easy to leverage.

Where the recall people are going to run into problems is the Keystone Cops Effect. They would have to work together to be most effective and getting campaign rivals to work together is a tall order.

They are all going to be hurting their recall efforts if they all get in because they make it easier for Romero to survive a recall attempt. And let me remind you, most recall efforts fail.

Hell the only successful one in the county had to have a Gandara in it in order for it to be successful.

To my knowledge there hasn't been anyone willing to step forward with an actual recall effort for signatures yet. Until that happens, its just political maneuvering.

But the fact that at least one candidate is already putting himself out there is an interesting development and one to watch. Especially if the others start to make a go of it.


Anonymous said...

Man, in true EP fashion things get blown way out of proportion due to speculation rather than the facts. Why would he have his street paved in front of "his house" when he doesn't even live on Polk anymore? He hasn't lived on Polk since before the story broke. And he didn't move because of the controversy surrounding the street paving. Anyone with experience buying a home knows that weeks and sometimes months go into it. What's funny, is with all the hullabaloo about all of this, no one has driven to Central and taken a tour of the streets. They're bad, really bad. As a lifetime resident of the Central area, I applaud the effort to finally get something done where Susie Byrd failed to do so. I always considered Susie a Northeast representative because of her focus on that side of the district. It's nice to finally have someone who is interested in the burgeoning Central side of the district. Five points is growing, small businesses are popping up every day. Instead of focusing on the two SMALL donors, why not focus on the neighborhood those alleys serve. There are at least five small businesses that benefit from not having their customers puncture their tires trying to access the new parking lots for the area. Oh wait, I'm sure most of El Paso doesn't realize those alleys access the parking lots that are shared by all the businesses on that block and the one next to it.

To me, it sounds like a little birdie still has favor with the EP Times and has too much idle time on their hands.

The Lion Star said...

This comment was left by Jackie Romero. Rep Romero's daughter. She left the same comment on Facebook but deleted it.

Anonymous said...

Actually, it wasn't the same comment. I deleted it because I submitted an incomplete statement by accident when I was trying to copy and paste it to the blog. But thanks Jaime. AGAIN, you have your facts wrong. I'm not his daughter. I'm one of his nieces, far removed from the situation. Sheesh dude. You've gotten lazy in your old age (obviously meant in jest lest the comment gets taken out of hand).

I'm not commenting as a relative but as someone who has been involved in El Paso politics for a long time (as you know), independently of my family. Please do not use any of my comments as indicative of how Rep. Romero feels because I haven't spoken to him about any of this and obviously DO NOT represent his office.

The Lion Star said...

Oops meant related. My bad.

Of course you're opinions are your own. I think everyone gets that.

Although your critique of blowing things out of proportion I think falls flat. The reality is a lot of people take issue with streets being reprioritized without going through council. It ate up the street budget for other districts. There is need throughout the city for street improvements. That is hardly blowing things out of proportion.

The raise...seriously. He pushes for the raise and then the street thing comes to light?

And then your other relative having a business relationship with the city manager?

Thats not being blown out of proportion by any stretch. This is stuff that wouldn't even happen in Socorro.

You're right about one thing Jackie...I am getting old.