Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Source: Romero Inquiring About Potential Recall Opponent

A source at the city tells me City Rep Romero has been looking into the attendance record of one of his rumored recall challengers.

Adam Gurrola was on two city boards at one point and according to my source Romero recently started digging around to find out if his young rival missed any meetings.

First, let me state there is absolutely nothing wrong with Romero digging around. Anyone would do the same if they were also on the hot seat for the city managers raise and streetghazi. 

The problem for Romero is that if he found dirt on Gurrola it would have to be some pretty freaking big dirt to overcome the negatives Romero is dealing with right now. So it makes sense that he'd dig around. 

The other problem for Romero is that Gurrola will likely not be the only opponent he faces. If, and it's a big if because it takes some manpower and commitment to get the required number of signatures within whatever time frame allowed, there is a runoff, it is likely that other people also take a stab at the race. 

Luckily for Romero he has deep pockets because he's gonna need all the money he can dump in a race if there in fact ends up being a recall. No one wants to be the first person in the county who's last name isn't Gandara to face a recall.

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