Monday, October 19, 2015

The Valenti PR Push

Many of you have heard the local push for a rehab of Valenti's public relations.

I know, it might be the most clueless political message this town has ever seen that didn't come from David K's blog.

What everyone wants to know is who is the person that is trying to actually feed people this garbage that Valenti is some sort of savior to this community.

Multiple sources have indicated that the person behind the effort is Dr. Hani Annabi. The good doctor from what I am told, is quite the Valenti cheerleader and is a doctor at UMC. He gave that away when he wrote a letter to the editor the other day. I don't know if he's employed by UMC or has some sort of contractual relationship.

Point being, he's a total homer for Valenti.

The PR push that has consisted of radio and print publications so far. Both are pretty expensive. But since they are not connected to a political campaign, there is no disclosure requirement.

Look, I wouldn't put it past Valenti to have come up with the idea himself in order to try to limit the damage his future employment opportunities might face when he tries to find a job somewhere else. Its a great way for him to tell a future potential employer, "See, the community wanted me to stay".

But Valenti is almost as hard to believe as David K at times.

Valentin isn't exactly a straight shooter with commissioner's court if you'll recall. He once said he had something like 75% of the doctors on his side. Then he said that the layoffs of a bunch of employees wasn't about performance. Then he said it was.

There's been a lot of tall tales coming out of that office.

I'm told Annabi thinks the organization can't survive without him.

If that is true, then UMC really is in a shit load of trouble because no well-run organization relies on one person. The institution needs to be able to thrive without the CEO if its really a stable organization. Any organization that relies on one person is inherently weak.

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John Dungan said...

And, as we see at every level in this country, greed knows no bounds. Isn't he going to walk away with a huge bonus, at the end of his contract? I mean, enough money for anyone to live on for the rest of their life? Why should he worry about future employment prospects?