Monday, October 19, 2015

Wow. Just wow Svarzbein.

Every once in a while even I am surprised by something in El Paso politics. So since its Monday and everyone hates Mondays I thought I would bring a little joy to your hearts today. 

I'm not sure who told him this was a good idea but after telling a constituent you can't answer a question because you have to talk to your mommy and then being the only Jewish member of council and being passed up on a trip to Israel, why worry about a little thing like dignity?

I don't know if he thinks this stuff makes him look cool, but someone should tell him that it underscores people's concerns that an artist wouldn't take the job of city rep seriously. 

I think he should call for a community forum on the topic and invite people to come and talk about how this video portrays El Paso. Its clearly a priority for him. 

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