Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Wrestlemania: The City Council Edition & Poll Question

By now you have likely seen this latest cartoon in the El Paso Times and its pure genius. It captures city council pretty well right now although conspicuously absent from the cartoon are Reps Svarzbein, Romero, & Acosta.

And it shows the Mayor as the exhausted guy who has no ability to control the action. Pretty accurate if you ask me.

Not sure why Ordaz is coming off the top rope but maybe she's gonna pull a Jimmy "Super Fly" Snuka.

It would be really awesome if Mayor Cook come running down the ramp, slid into the ring, started dropping Stone Cold Stunners, flipped off the crowd and left a ring full of city council members knocked out while he climbs the ropes and drinks a beer.

Just sayin'.

My greater point is that I have to give Svarzbein credit. I watched Sicario. I can't believe he managed to get people to engage in a conversation about how the movie makes El Paso look when the movie has basically nothing to do with El Paso.

Seriously, like nothing.

No violence takes place in El Paso in the movie. None. The movie doesn't portray El Paso in the least bit negatively.

But the constant Battle Royale at city council...that does make us look bad.

Any who, it led to my latest poll question. Feel free to vote on it.


Anonymous said...

If you can't understand that how Juarez and the border is portrayed effects how El Paso is seen than you are as dumb as you are fat.

The Lion Star said...

And you're as smart as you are brave chicken shit.

John Dungan said...

Meanwhile, how come we didn't see this level of concern with that horrible TV show, "The Bridge?" Now, that show depicted El Paso in a very bad light, but I don't recall much complaint. And, as for whatever happens in JTown reflecting on El Paso, I don't think so, since most of the world is unaware of our close proximity one to the other.

Thomas said...

The Times should have shown the CC in a barbed wire cage match it would have been even more to the truth.. Maybe some garbage cans and step latters. Oh some caness for Carl the killer Robinson and the Flying Limony
John Dungan We do not get what your point is in your post!

John Dungan said...

My point was that anonymous is not making his point, and I thought my comment was in support of the blogger here. I thought I also clearly pointed out that the world does not know that we share a border with Cd. Juarez, so it makes little difference what this movie shows.