Wednesday, November 18, 2015

City Manager a No-Show at Community Meeting

El Paso City Manager Tommy Gonzalez was set to speak at City Rep Lily Limón's community meeting on Wednesday night but was a no show.

A frequent reader from the valley let me know that he was a no-show and that  Rep Limón didn't know the city manager wasn't going to show up until she received a text message from him at the last minute. 

My source tells me the attendees of the community meeting were pretty upset that he didn't attend.

There was no specific reason given as to why he wasn't in attendance either.

I'll attempt to find out why he wasn't able to attend the community meeting. Generally meetings with constituents are pretty important to most city officials so I'm sure there was a good reason he missed the meeting and didn't let anyone know until the last minute.


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John Dungan said...

You pointed out, perhaps without realizing it, why Tommy Boy missed that meeting. You said that "Generally meetings with constituents are pretty important to most city officials," but therein lies the rub. Tommy is an employee, with a big, fat contract. He has little interest in any constituents, because he only answers to our dysfunctional City Council, and we all know how well that is working.