Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Interesting Fundraiser Tidbit

There's a big fundraiser event today for former Congressman Pete Gallego. Want to know how serious the Democratic Party is about winning back the seat?

This is how serious - the fundraiser is being headlined by Congressman O'Rourke and former Congressman Reyes.

I know, the invitation looks chafa and was probably done on Word (giggle) but nonetheless it's interesting to see Gallego transcend the local feuds.

Adolfo Lopez, candidate for HD 77 is also having a fundraiser this evening. He is squaring off against Lina Ortega in the Democratic Primary to replace State Rep Marisa Marquez who is leaving the legislature and has joined Forma Group officially in the capacity of client development.

Forma is handling Lopez's campaign. The fundraiser is behind hosted at the home of former Republican State Rep Dee Margo. 

This should surprise no one. Margo, like many Republican businessmen in El Paso, gives to Democrats from time to time.

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