Monday, November 30, 2015

Most Reps No-Shows at Sun Bowl Parade

Every year the Sun Bowl has a Thanksgiving Parade down Montana that features a couple area marching bands, some people dressed like cowboys shooting off guns that are blanks but much louder than the real thing, a couple floats etc.

Its also the one time a year where El Paso does its best Soviet Union impression by rolling out a series of law enforcement agencies in this town as they drive down the street in all their tactical stuff.

The other thing you see every year is a bunch of elected officials in the parade. That happens every year and its usually all the members of council and all the members of commissioner's court. Or at the very least, the vast majority of them.

This year most of the county commissioner's where there. But interestingly only two members of city council showed up. Which is interesting when you consider there are so many more members of city council than there are commissioner's court.

The Mayor was at the start of the parade and actually had a pretty good reception. He walked along with his wife.

The other member of council in attendance was City Rep Ordaz who rode in a pick-up truck with Commissioner Perez.

Thats it. No one else from council was in the parade.

Council is obviously not the most popular group of folks in town these days so its understandable that they wouldn't want to be in a parade and potentially get boo'ed. Before the excuses start flying around there are two things to consider. One, its plausible that some of them chose to be with their families and I know at least one of them was out of town. Two, most if not all of the members of council that were on the council last year, where in the parade last year but for whatever reason aren't this year. Who knows, maybe its because there was a municipal election on the horizon last year.

Especially after a scathing Op Ed last week by the El Paso Times calling for the resignation of City Rep Larry Romero. Its apparent that when Rep Romero said he would have a conversation with the community he didn't mean at a parade in his district.

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