Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Rep Romero Responds to Times; Tolbert Responds to Romero & Deja Vu

Apparently the media went to Rep Romero's office to get comment about the El Paso Times calling for his resignation and yet again, he declined comment.

But he ultimately sent in a statement to KVIA and they ran a story on it last night. Click here to check it out.

By the way - we've seen this movie before people. More on that in the last segment of this post. 

In his statement alleges that the Times is "jumping into the campaign business". He goes on to say that "enough is enough" and that he's going to have a conversation with the community about this etc.

No he isn't. He is avoiding media.

They are going to be at every public meeting he has in order to get comment from him on camera. What's he gonna do? Hide out forever? If he has a conversation with the community as he says, he will inevitably face news cameras. Then he will have to answer specific questions and if he wanted to deny the allegations laid out by the Times, he would have in his statement.

Its a case study in how not to respond in the media. At the very least he could have challenged the credibility of what was alleged or the source or something. He did none of that. Even his feeble attempt at implying its a witch hunt falls flat because the Times can't be involved in the "campaign business" when Romero isn't in a campaign!


Jim Tolbert responded to Romero with an open letter. Click here to read it. Tolbert lays out a series of critiques against Romero and then calls for his resignation.

I think Tolbert has to put his money where is mouth his. I think he needs to do more than write a blog post about it. He came in second place. I think he has an obligation to do with Adam Gurrola couldn't if he wants to have any credibility with the electorate. Otherwise Tolbert should step aside and support another candidate willing to step forward if he really feels there is an urgency to change the leadership.

Also, take note of what Tolbert says about what happened to Gurrola when he tried to recall Romero. If that is true, then I personally think it reflects more negatively on Romero than the streets thing.


In the words of of the late Yogi Berra, "Its deja vu all over again".

This situation with Representative Romero has happened in this community before. Right down the street from the current city hall back in 2007 to be exact.

Lets all climb into the DeLorean, adjust the flux capacitor, and floor the gas until we hit 88 mph and go back to 2007.

Familiar territory right? A governmental body has the financial advisor firm First Southwest and things are going along just fine. The topic of bonds and a ballpark is before the County. It was also a bit controversial if you recall.

You memmer, memmer?

There was a sudden move by one of the elected officials to oust the financial advisor in the middle of a contract and send it out to rebid amid sudden allegations of displeasure with the firm's performance?

The difference was it was the County, it was the Sports Park, the elected officials was Anthony Cobos, but the contract went to a firm that didn't score as well in the bid process yet was favored by the elected official, and the transa wasn't done behind closed doors.

Sounds familiar right?

What's that sound? Its Doc in the DeLorean again. We have to go with him back to the future.

No, its not because we become assholes or something.

Its the Sports Park Marty. Something has got to be done about the Sports Park. Its still not done!

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