Monday, November 30, 2015

Safe Election Cycle for Incumbents

Its pretty interesting that with a big primary coming up in March it looks like there really won't be much fireworks on the local scene and so races that no one gives a shit about will actually take center stage.

So far there are only two incumbents with challengers, although the filing deadline is still a couple of weeks away. I haven't even heard any whispers of anyone thinking about taking on an incumbent either. And frankly, that doesn't even matter because unless you're taking on an incumbent judge its sorta already too late.

I know there are some politicos that like to slide in at the last moment to surprise people and think its gonna make a splash and help propel them to victory but it doesn't. And they aren't going to catch an incumbent by surprise either.

The only person that it worked out for was Oscar Leeser and Leeser was a unique situation. There had been talk about him running for mayor for a long time. Hell it was the worst kept secret in El Paso since Judge Escobar ran for County Judge. But unless you have 20+ years of experience on local television where you've built up a brand and you have a ton of money, guess what? You aren't going to be the next Mayor Leeser.

Anyone serious about mounting a real campaign doesn't wait until the last minute. They start early to reach out to people, volunteers, groups, donors, etc.

Only State Rep Mary Gonzalez and Constable Aguilar are facing opponents.

Not exactly sure what that says about the currently slate of elected officials but its not hard to imagine that any elected official without a challenger will take it as a sign from the community that they are doing okay.

And its hard to argue against that point.


Anonymous said...

Wait, isn't Esparza facing a challenge?

The Lion Star said...

Right, but it's a multi county race which is why I didn't include it but will be talking about it in another post.

Anonymous said...

If you want to call Hudspeth and Culberson counties.

John Dungan said...

Maybe most well-intentioned folks cannot afford the cost of the filing fees, let alone the cost of today's campaigning. And, maybe no one wants to have to deal with the current crop of truly horrid incumbents in other offices?