Monday, November 23, 2015

The $22 Million Question

Earlier this week we learned of yet another costly screw up at the city - this time costing tax payers $22 million.

There was a delay on the project that was made for obvious political purposes - to avoid then City Rep and Mayoral hopeful Steve Ortega from having to take another controversial vote on the issue. The delay ended up costing the tax payers millions. 

This issue came up last week during the city council meeting but no one seemed interested in asking the very obvious question...who made the call to delay the vote?

Thats a serious problem because it wasn't an issue that was acted upon by council. So it was someone who made the call administratively. That would either be the former city manager or the former CFO. 

This should be making all kinds of alarms go off. First, the current members of council that were part of that administration should be answering questions about whether or not they had knowledge this was going on. 

Second, if they did have knowledge, why didn't the raise the issue? Third, if they didn't have knowledge, why didn't they? Is administration really that free to operate and no one on council is the wiser or even asking the tough questions? Is that still the case?

There is an easy temptation to just let it go because its water under the bridge. While I applaud the fact that there is a big focus on fixing the city's many current screw-ups, this council has a bad habit of not holding itself or individuals accountable for screw ups. That needs to change if you want the confidence of the constituents. 

Hell no. This is one of those situations where someone needs to be held accountable and the public should have full detail on what went down. Anything less is an injustice. 

Someone knew went down but no one is talking. That is a bad sign and frankly this current council can't afford to have any more lapses in public confidence. 

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