Friday, December 4, 2015

City Manager Tommy Gonzalez's Remarks at Acosta Community Meeting LastNight

Embattled City Manager Tommy Gonzalez kept a speaking date with City Rep Emma Acosta's community meeting last night despite an ethics violation being filed against him and City Rep Larry Romero yesterday.

I had a chance to ask him about it. My beloved camera is dead, so I only have audio but you can hear his response a little further down in the post, along with a hilarious response to a question he asked the audience that I'm guessing he wishes he hadn't asked.

He asked what people think of when they think of El Paso and people started to itemize a bunch of negative stuff including several people saying "corruption".

Before we get into that let me say this about the city manager. He showed up, he knew he was going to be asked tough questions, and he stood there and took it like a man. He was poised and never appeared to be too rattled. He also had to put up with something that annoys the crap out of me that happens with Acosta's meetings more than any other city rep for some reason, though its not her fault.  For some reason everyone that asks a question feels they need to give a long effin' speech before they get to their damn point.

Shut up, no one cares about young long boring speech. Just ask your freakin' question and shut up so we can hear the answer.

But I will highlight one person in attendance that annoyed me more than most, some lady named Diamond, but I'll get to her in a bit.

I learned a few things about the City Manager I didn't know before this meeting:

- He apparently played ball in college.

- He is a retired colonel, but didn't say if he was full-bird or a LTC and didn't say what branch but I still was unaware of that before.

- He has a black belt in 6 sigma.

- He and his wife lost twin boys.

The short of it is that Gonzalez basic stock answer to the many questions that almost all seemed to float around the stuff that has been reported is to essentially say he does favors for all the city reps and that he's simply being responsive to the will of council members.

I guess he thinks we don't know the difference between city reps bringing constituent issues like potholes and broken sidewalk complaints and circumventing established city procedures to install speed humps, pave alleys, and replace the city financial advisor.

A Diamond is Tommy's Best Friend

So there was this lady that I thought was working for Acosta because she was signing people in when I arrived at the meeting but it turns out she doesn't. She looked familiar but I couldn't quite place her at first. But later during the meeting when she spoke thats when I remembered her.

Her name is Diamond something or other. I didn't catch the last name.

She stood up in the meeting to basically chastise the audience and defend Gonzalez. She implied that the people in the audience don't know how city government works and said that we should actually attend meetings to learn how it works and what the city manager does. But she proceeded to try to explain to the audience what the city manager does and said that he only does what he's told to do.

Here's her little speech.

Which was hilarious because she was basically wrong. She's a huge cheerleader for the city manager. I remembered where I'd seen her before when she started defending the city manager. She's the lady that went to the microphone, along with Dan Olives and a few of the rich guys in town, to say City Rep Ordaz raising the issue of the city manager's raise was "an embarrassment".

Her lack of knowledge about what his role is was astonishing. There's a reason its called the City Manager and not the City Guy-Who-Does-Only-What-He's-Told-To-By-Members-of-Council.

He's the highest level employee in the city.

Capo dei capi.
The Head Vato in Charge.
The big Kahuna.

All the city employees other than the city attorney's office answer to him.

Hell, he's getting heat for ordering an RFQ without authorization from council. Maybe she missed that part.

Now that I think on it, in light of all that is coming out now, I wonder if all those people that went to council to advocate for the raise and called the conversation about the reexamining the raise and embarrassment still think the raise was a good idea.

Meh, I guess thats a post for another day.

But I was trying to think of just the right phrase to capture Diamond's defense of Gonzalez last night and the only one that comes to mind is "an embarrassment".


Augustus Snodgrass said...

Just to add a few comments regarding Tommy Gonzalez. Yes, he spent 22 years in the Army Reserve and retired as a LT. Colonel...per the EP Times last year.

Also, this is going to sound like I am beating a Dead Horse to Death (Larry Romero who once had visions of Mayorship on his agenda). But, in doing forensic examinations regarding this year's rebuttal letter by Romero to the El Paso Times (Aug. 11, 2015), Romero kept on repeating how much money he was making at the City of Irving. By the time Gonzalez got to El Paso, he was no longer employed by the City of Irving, having had a separation with a very large golden parachute. Gonzalez worked for Irving as City Manager between May 2006 through Dec 31, 2013. Between Jan of 2014 through May 2014 he was working as a VP of a construction company in Ft. Worh. NOT the City of Irving.

In fact, it bears reading how Gonzalez left under a cloud of controversy. It all can be read on WFAA's newsite which aired, and published online on Jan 31, 2013. The City of Irving was ultimately sued by the Las Colinas group. Do yourself a favor and read it.

When Romero was so passionately defending (Aug 11, 2015) he erroneously stated how much Gonzalez was "Only" being paid--$238,500. According to the EP Times own reporting, dated May 20, 2014, Gonzalez' base was: $239,000. He also was given $15,000 on deferred compensation PER YEAR, and $6,000 per year in a car allowance. As part of his relocation package, Gonzalez was given $10,000 for relocation and $18,000 for housing his first year. In reality, until his $61,000 raise, Gonzalez was making $261,000 per year--excluding the $28,000 he was given last year to move to El Paso. Romero's math of $238,500 was off by $21,500 or 9%

Is it any wonder that "Romero Financial Services" at 3230 Montana reeks of cheapness and vulgarity? All is missing is a "Ropa Usada" sign on his business. Yes, Romero has "taken care of his constituents," namely the alley behind the Pershing Inn and Italian Kitchen, so that the patrons of those establishments don't have to dirty their shiny calcos. Augustus Snodgrass.

Augustus Snodgrass said...

I forgot about "Diamond," and with a name like that, perhaps she is a retired stripper from the Lamplighter, the Naked Harem or the Gone-But-Never-Forgotten Prince. Or, perhaps she rotated her work schedule through all three.

Anyway, "Diamond" is a perfect example of the "Brain Drain" that has troubled El Paso for decades, if not centuries. Juan de Onate was probably the first when he stopped, looked around, did not like what he saw, and continued on to Santa Fe. Greener pastures and more things to do he probably thought.

Anyway, the "Brain Drain" that has troubled El Paso, where the Best and the Brightest, grow up, look around, and decide they want to better themselves, LEAVE El Paso. The Majority, not All, but the Majority, of the people left, are people like "Diamond." Poorly educated, mis-informed and, as you mentioned, being a Cheerleader for the Wrong Causes. ONE, being the responsibilities that concern a City Manager. She is Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Meanwhile, the masses continue to amuse themselves with the modern day Circus and its current collection of Tarquinian Superbus'--otherwise known as the El Paso Chihuahua Stadium. Of which, I am sure, "Diamond," probably has season tickets, and I am sure, a Chihuahua t-shirt. Augustus Snodgrass.

The Lion Star said...

Augustus, your comments apparently were somehow misinterpreted as my remarks. This Diamond Price lady has lost her mind over them.

I never said shit about her name but she is attributing your comments about the Lamplighter to me, which is hilarious because it underscores the actual point I was making which is she doesn't know shit.

So well done sir, or madam.

You even dug up Tierra O Muerte, which is some shit head named Coad Semen, there's a name you can have fun with, that got in trouble for stalking a state rep a while back. He's a world class shit head too because he threatened to kick my ass once, the screen shots are hilarious, until I called him out on it and the little bitch didn't show up. Once I figured out who he was he blocked me.

Fuck him.

I've never seen a comment in a blog puss so many people off lol. Cheers!

semen said...

please, bitch. follow your probation rules. be nice. i could drive you to maricopa county for free. el paso would like that...

The Lion Star said...

Really Tierra O Muerte aka Dolly Llama aka Coach Seamen?

Shut up before I post the screen shots of how you said you wanted to fight me and then how I made you my bitch. Then everyone will be able to see how you're a typical lengua larga until someone calls you on your shit.

Aren't you normally stalking female elected officials at this hour anyway?

Go fuck yourself.

Augustus Snodgrass said...

Mr. Lion Star....I think perhaps you meant to write, "...never seen a comment in a blog PISS so many off...." Not Puss. I am not aware of Tierra O Muerte. Unfortunately, my writings and research are my own. Thank God for the Dewey Decimel System or I would be lost. Secondly, I am a Man

I will address Ms. Diamond Pride in a future blog post. I have more clarity after a few glasses of single malt Scotch.

My Original Intent was to expose the masquerade and charades of one Larry Romero. I have always believed that Humility is a Virtue. Romero is one of the most, if not, THE Most Arrogant, Pompous, Underhanded Gladhander I have ever met. One small example is that when Romero was running for City Council and squeezing EVERYONE he knew, he showed up at the Jesuit High School Class of '73 "Reunion." In actuallity, there never was a "Class of '73" as the good Jesuits closed down Jesuit before that Class was able to graduate. So, 40 years later, a few dollars donated to the good Jesuits at Sacred Heart, and the Class finally got their diploma, albeit 40 years later. Romero shows up, in his one blue blazer at their Reunion gladhanding and asking for Money! Romero had NOTHING to do with Jesuit. In fact, Cathedral and Jesuit were (and probably still are) Bitter Rivals. So bitter, that fisticuffs broke out at UTEP at a basketball game one year and the annual Jesuit vs Cathedral football game was THE most anticipated game of the Year. By the way, All of the Romero boys went to Cathedral, on a "special needs" (meaning poor) scholarship. NOT an Academic Scholarship like Romero boasts on his web page. Cathedral does not give out scholarships for being smart. Poor + Smart yes. Just Smart? No.

Anyway, I digress and back to the subject at hand. If the City of El Paso and the good citizens of District 2, were so gullible as to vote for Romero, then they must sleep in the bed they made.

What troubles me, is that if the denizens of District 2 knew the "Real" Larry Romero, then they probably would not have voted him in. Instead, Mr. Tolbert would be representing them. If Romero wants to "pull strings" and get humps installed at his alma mater, OK, no big deal. If Romero wants to have his street paved, well, that means some poor people are not getting their streets paved and potholes fixed. Poorer or less powerful constituents basically got screwed over.

However, When Romero goes to City Hall and proposes an increase for the City Manager, but then unknown to the Public, meanwhile has his brother John, help set up a LLC with that same City Manager, then he is edging into sketchier territory. If his brother was perhaps a Corporate Attorney, or an Attorney specializing in LLC, or a CPA specializing in LLC's, I would have understood. If you're the Best in El Paso, then you go to the best. The truth is, John is just a glorified bookeeper with a degree from UTEP. In accounting.

This Story isn't finished. As we all know, Mayor Hyundai has requested an outside investigation into "what happened" with Romero's request that a new financial adviser be 2013!

The Romero Brothers annual "Festivus" Celebration at the Pershing Inn, has apparently been cancelled. If you followed Seinfeld, you will know. However, in previous years, instead of the Romero Bros. being gracious hosts and paying for your drinks or food, they would set up their crock pot at the P.I. and YOU would have to buy your own drinks. All so you could rub elbows with the Romeros. One of whom is in dire need of a Man Bra. Sincerely, Augustus Snodgrass

The Lion Star said...

I did me piss, pinche autocorrect!

And please, call me Jaime.