Thursday, December 31, 2015

End of Year Blog Post

I know, I've been away for awhile. You'll have to excuse me, I've been off on a water planet living on an island becoming one with the Force.

In my absence I have been catching up on some reading of my blogosphere adversaries. Since the only one I read regularly is David K it took some time to catch up to some of the stuff thats been put out there, especially considering Martin Paredes might be the most boring person in the galaxy to have a conversation with given how long-winded and pointless his posts are.

Any who, I'm sure you all are expecting some end-of-year list or something from me and I'm really sorry to disappoint but I just sorta don't have it in me this year.

I mean if I wanted to, I could probably do a list of Top 10 Times DK, Ali Razavi, and Martin Paredes promised some sort of major controversy story and it didn't pan out. What ever happened to this big "Watergate" style story at city hall, or this huge YISD thing the Persian answer to Chewbacca was supposed to have? (Ali never wrote about how he filed an ethics complaint against the teacher's union in Ysleta and the Ethics Commission basically told him he was a dumbass)

Or I could've done a piece about the Top Ten times they wrote a piece about me that involved some sort of plot, movida, or conspiracy but seriously, they write that shit every other post and I don't have the time to narrow all that crap down.

Or I could do the Top Ten Times Martin Paredes tries to pretend he's not Bobby Bowling's flying monkey. I mean for goodness sake, the guy stays at his house when he comes in from his self-imposed Florida exile. Seriously, he sleeps under Bowling's roof but I like to think he plays man-servant, cuts the grass and makes mojitos for everyone in exchange for the room and board.

So sorry guys I don't have any lists.

All I have is a heart-felt wish for my readers to have a prosperous New Year with your friends and family and I hope you're all blessed with happiness and fortune.

Except my haters and the rest of the blogosphere.

You can all go fuck yourselves.

Happy New Year.

PS - There will be more posts later today.

Oh, almost forgot my cat video!

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