Monday, December 14, 2015

Filing Deadline is Today

Today is the filing deadline for candidates wishing to appear on the March primary ballot. On the GOP side there is no excitement. No one cares who is going to be the sacrificial lamb selected to run for congress or any other office they make a feeble attempt at campaigning for.

Except me. I'm crossing my fingers that Barbara Carrasco runs for something. I can't wait to highlight that lady's policy positions for all the world to see, although that won't be fun until we are in the general election cycle.

Don't expect any major surprises on the Democratic side either. Anyone who is a legitimate contender for an office already started campaigning months ago. People who have a real legitimate chance of winning always start early, unless you're the once-in-a-lifetime type of candidate like Mayor Leeser with lots of money and years of name ID.

The only place you might, just maybe, see a surprise is with a few of the judicial seats. Like I said, the male judges are pretty vulnerable to younger Latina candidates so if, and I haven't really heard of anyone, a candidate fits the bill and can self-finance a race, that would likely be the only meaningful development.

I was talking with a friend about this yesterday because in previous years the last day to file was always something people waited anxiously for in anticipation and there was always a dramatic surprise or two. But now that campaigns are more sophisticated there is no value in waiting until the last minute. There is no "sneaking up" on an incumbent.

I know that there has been a lot of talk among attorneys about finding an opponent for Judge Mike Herrera in the family courts. But that has been the talk for many years and no real contenders ever step up and get the job done. I suspect that this cycle he skates by with no opponent.

Few incumbents have a challenger and the only incumbent that has a challenger that I think is in trouble is the eastside constable race. Other than that, it doesn't look like are any exciting things that are going to happen.

It'll be boring, but I'm still going to go to Democratic Party headquarters and pass along any info about last-minute candidates. Follow me on Twitter for those developments and video broadcasts of anything interesting (there won't be).

Oh yeah, and today's cat video:

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Courthouse Ghost said...

I've read you talk about the power of the young Latina has in an election race, what affect, if any, does the upcoming Democrafic primary have on that since Hillary's in the primary? Also, do you know the track record of Latinas running against other candidates in previous election, or better yet, how many are running now? Last question, do they have to be young? Hard to tell age difference by just reading a name on a ballot.

PS-Are the cat videos being reduced to one per day? :-(