Thursday, December 10, 2015

GOP & The Trump Problem

I rarely comment on national politics because well, I'm a progressive liberal Democrat and you all pretty much know where I stand on a lot of national stuff.

But obviously Donald Trump has made me make an exception.

Here's the reality about Trump. Right now, he is the Republican Party. I know its pretty shitty that after all the real leaders that party has had over the years, the Party of Lincoln has been hijacked by Trump.

The real problem with Trump isn't just that he says such stupid things and gets all kinds of negative attention for the GOP brand that will not likely rinse off before next November.

Its not even that he may decide to take his ball and run as an independent in November either, although I acknowledge that is a major concern for the GOP leadership.

The real problem for the GOP with Trump is that so many people right now actually LIKE him in their party. That is a scary thing for the GOP when you think about it because it exposes all the idiots and racists in the GOP. Basically everything we liberal members of the Democratic Party like to point and laugh at every chance we get.

I know, its kinda messed up of us that we do that, but hell its your fault. Clean your house and we won't think that.

And so many in the GOP are partially at fault for the Trump Factor. So many people say "well he'll never be the nominee anyway, so why worry?" Well aside from the fact that he exposes all the nutcases in your party, the problem is Iowa is just around the corner and he's still the front-runner in a crowded field. This guy could win Iowa for the mere fact that you still have a ton of other candidates running.

So the name with the most ID wins in a big field unless someone really organized can go in and win the caucuses. Except the only candidate that has the organizational experience to pull something like hat off is well, Rand Paul. The Pauls do really well in caucuses. Well I should say, his dad did.

Rand is running in the low single digits right now. Somewhere behind a basket of fruit and a pee-stained mattress.

Only now, this late in the game, has the GOP establishment started any kind of push-back and it took Trump saying some really stupid shit that would make Hitler proud in order to make things happen. Seriously, the establishment had NOTHING to say when he basically said the same thing about Mexicans. Your silence actually spoke volumes about your party.


Because Trump speaks for a larger part of the Republican Party than they are comfortable admitting.

And that is the real Trump problem for the GOP.

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Courthouse Ghost said...

Don't you realize that Trump is really just a front by the Democrats to pervert the GOP, as they are allowing him to, and turn off voters from voting red next year? This guy is a close friend of the Clintons, how the hell do you turn on crazy so fast?

Thomas said...

Trump is a Democrat plant. Trump knows what to say to the GOP mainstream to make them go off the deep end and wet themselves. What the Democrats have not expected is Trump may have a shot and his ego will not let him step aside for Hilary now. See the issue Democrats have is how much of the Democrat mainstreams Hilary piss off and they do not turn out to vote. Remember you guys still have the fight in your party between Hilary and Sanders sides that could very well get ugly.
Then your left with the independent vote to swing the election to either party. To garner the independent vote you may not do so will well with Hilary if you can't get Sanders on boards as VP unless of course Sanders beat Hilary out right. Then Democrat party leadership has already be caught trying to stack the deck against Sanders in favor of Hilary and this is a sure fire way to piss off some of your party's membership and they will not turn out to for Hilary. Hilary /Sanders ticket is probably your best hope to beat Trump. Then again this all could be a mute point of course of the FBI bring Hilary up on Charges.
The GOP may kick Trump out and he goes independent which would cut into who ever the GOP vets for President.
Would not say at this time your party has the election in the bag by a long shot.

The Lion Star said...

Do you really believe that conspiracy???

Thomas said...

Trump was big time friend with the Clintons and other Dem leadership for years. Trumps a plant Jaime and in fact there was a couple of article published this week pointing out this fact. Have no fear the GOP will do all they can to dump Trump.
As the Hilary dude you have to admit that portion of your party's membership hates Hilary and would not vote for Hilary even if it meant a Republican in the White House to say otherwise being naïve on your part.
No conspiracy here, just like Sanders isn't a Democrat or like Niland or Noe are not Democrats locally. Then again I'm sure you will claim otherwise. Jaime time to take of the blinders and rose color glasses and get real.

The Lion Star said...

I have seen nothing credible that supports that theory. Nothing.

Surely you have more than "friendship" to base that on.

And I don't know why people are under the impression that I'm a Hillary guy. I don't know that I've ever written one thing saying I think she should be president. I think you guys think because I'm a Democrat that I'm Team Hillary.

I'm not. Right now I'm for Bernie unless something really big happens between now and March I'll be feeling the Bern.

Thomas said...

I never said who you supported but who the Democrat leadership is champion and it ain't Bernie. So when the Dem leadership set the rules for Hilary's coronation who will you vote for? May guess is you will become a Hilary supporter. Jaime you can always hope the FBI bring Hilary up on charges the Bernie will be a shoe in for your party.

The Lion Star said...

It's the Democratic Party. There's no such thing as the Democrat Party.

Thomas said...

Is this best you can come up with? Jaime your party isn't going to let Bernie be the nomination for President no matter what just like the GOP isn't going to let Trump be theirs. My view is and would not surprise me that if it looks like either are going to be in a position to take the nomination for either party some how, some way they will be taken out even if it means violence. No saying it's right but wouldn't be the first time that either party acted like thugs to get who they wanted in office.
My guess Trump will have the specter of criminal charges being brought against him for past business dealings. For Bernie it would be worse in that a radical Republican against socialism or a socialist leaning President would act being egged on by interest in the Republican with help from some in your party if it looks like Bernie will carry the day.
My guess is you're going to see a Bush Hillary at the end of all of this battling it out which very well could cause both parties to split.
I am hoping for a dark horse independent to show up before election time.

The Lion Star said...

Hate to break it to you but now he is polling even higher!

Thomas said...

Bernie has been kicking Hillary's ass for a while but the left leaning Hilary supporting media keeps telling every one Hillary is the front runner and Bernie has no chance. Sorry to tell you your party is no going to let Bernie be their nominee for President. Just like the Republicans would not support a Moron the Dems leadership will not support a Jew much less a person who is not really a Democrat.
Hey Jaime even Bernie's campaign has complained about
Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Dem chair, trying to fix the rules in favor of the nomination for Hillary. Maybe you missed that.
You can dance around it all day be you have some big problems in your party to fair play and down right cheating as to election of their nominee.

Anonymous said...

Let's see how he polls after this:

Augustus Snodgrass said...

Jaime, this has nothing to do with Trump but a small connection to Hillary. I wanted to follow on one of your older posts--Double D Diamond Price. Double D is a "registered lobbyist" and registered twice. The first time as by herself on March 19, and then the 2nd time representing Providence/PTS on April 1. You can Google her for yourself, but her final online search surfaces how she registered with the City Clerk, time stamped JUly 1, 4:05 pm. 2015. In it, she attaches a list of what she has done. 1. Registrant, Double D 2. Lobbying for Providence/PTS 3. List of City Officials contacted: Hillary Clinton Private event June 8 per Providence/PTS Campaign $2,700.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with Lobbying, and she appears to have more ethics than Larry Liar Romero. From now on, I must call him Liary. Anyway, it begs the question, why is she Cheerleading for Tommy Gonzalez? And, why is she signing in people to Emma Acosta's community meeting where Gonzalez was speaking?

In her facebook posts--she gushes at length about Tommy Gonzalez and even finishes her lengthy post with #TeamTommy! She goes on to say how as a Border Town, Tommy Gonzalez has more work on his hands because he is also in charge of what comes over the Border. Wrong.

Another misstatement is that El Paso is the busiest border crossing port of entry and has word salad on pedestrians crossing to ELP. Wrong. That would be the City of Laredo which is ranked #1. Total Value of trade is $144.9 Billion with truck traffic as 1,695,916. El Paso is rankekd #5 with $59.9 Billion in trade value and 714,699 truck crossings.

Another misstatement is how Loredo (her spelling, not mine) is paying their city manager $270,000 even though they "have a population of of 76,000 hahaha. Ridiculous!" NO, LAredo has a population of 282,143 and they pay their City Manager, Jesus Olivares, $249,000. Finally, its Ha. Or Haha. NOT Hahaha. 3 is too much.

Also, how Tommy Gonzalez is working on bringing in Bass Pro Shops and Wolf Lodge. Isn't that the Mayor's job, or former Helen of Troy honcho Ruben's (Fountains of Farah) job?

Anyway, doesn't Liarry Romero have no shame. As my good grandmother used to say, "No tiene verguenza!" As sure as there will be tamales this Christmas, Romero is there denying any and all culpability." Augustus Snodgrass

Manny said...

Clinton will be the nominee, without question. What's more troubling about her than anything Trump has ever said, is that she is willing to lie right to faces of the family members of slain soldiers and say to them that the an anti-Islam video maker is responsible for their loved ones' deaths in Benghazi. And, to this day, disgusting people like you continue to perpetuate this lie, or act like it's all just part of some big conspiracy to disparage Clinton. Those lies, coupled with the absolutely disastrous results of the Obama administration's foreign policy, will resonate with voters come November. AND, Jaime responds with vitriol in 3...2...1...

The Lion Star said...

Hey buddy, almost started to miss you. I notice how much you bad mouth me in other places but change your tone here.

Go fuck yourself.

Your pal,


Manny said...

Change my tone? No, I pretty much call you disgusting and misguided everywhere else. But, if it means anything to you Jaime, I don't think you're as morally repugnant as Clinton. At least you don't perpetuate a lie in order to cover up the real reason why we lost brave Americans on 9/11/2012. What if one of your brothers-in-arms had died in combat, and the politicians in charge had lied to your brother's parent's face about why it happened? How would you feel about that? Would you tell them to go fuck themselves?

The Lion Star said...

No just you. And you can think "disgusting" all you want. You don't know me. You just think you do. But you really don't. So go fuck yourself. And I mean that.

The Lion Star said...

Also, you dumb bitch, Trump is probably your candidate, which would surprise no one reading this. He's a fascist and interestingly has found quite the home in the GOP with all the other racists and nuts Manny.

You know, your people.