Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Honey Badger on Point About El Paso Electric

Gotta give props to City Rep Cortney Niland for her comments regarding the fee hike El Paso Electric is going after.

During yesterday's meeting when the agenda item was being heard Niland laid out the numbers and essentially destroyed the utilities argument for a raise.

She stood up for El Paso families, rate payers and users of solar energy. She even called them out on trying to go over city council's head and called on the El Paso legislative delegation to protect the rate payers. 

Which means she just made it an campaign item for HD 75 and 77.

All that was missing was for her to drop the mic.

So I give credit where credit is due and Niland earned it yesterday. 

Well done.

UPDATE: I forgot to add today's cat video. Here you go...


Courthouse Ghost said...

Where the hell is the cat video? That's the only reason anyone's reading this these days.

The Lion Star said...

Shit, you're right. Let me fix that. Just for you.

And a hearty Go Fuck Yourself to You Sir!

Eddie Morra said...

Loving the cat videos!

Courthouse Ghost said...

What kind of liberal automatically assumes that the gender of the ghost is that of a man? Interesting.