Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Maybe I Should Lay Off the City of El Paso for Awhile

So I was trying to monitor the city council meeting today and found out that after several weeks they are still not set up to let people with an Apple device stream the meetings.

They can't even get that right.

And out of frustration I got to thinking about all the crap they seem to mess up on. Seriously, its enough to make even a progressive liberal like myself start thinking like a crazy "government bad" Frankenstein's monster from the GOP.

But then I thought to myself, hey its the Christmas season or Channukuh or Hanukah - not sure what the correct spelling is there, and maybe I need to let a little more kindness in my heart. So I decided I was going to write down a list of all the things the city is really good at.

Without further adieu, here is a list of all the things I think the city does really well:

Shit, I got nothing. I'm sorry, my bad. I can't think of anything.

Oh wait, I have something!

Parking tickets! When you go downtown and visit your city hall they charge you to park at a meter now. They didn't used to, but they do now. Apparently all that revenue from the 10 people that use the meters on the one day of the week that they meet was a big chunk of revenue they just couldn't do without.

So their meter readers that are so out of shape they make me look like a svelte Olympic athlete are really great at writing parking tickets.

Oh well, here's a cat video:


elpaso said...

Just because you can't steam from an iOS device, doesn't mean you can't.


Thomas said...

Like the cat videos! :0)

John Dungan said...

Actually, there is one thing they are good at, but I am not sure how to phrase it. They are good at sleight of hand, while passing the buck. They do nothing, spend money like a drunken sailor, and then pin the blame on everyone except themselves.