Monday, December 7, 2015

What's the Big Secret?

Last night City Representative Larry Romero went on KVIA for ABC 7 Xtra with Maria Garcia. So let me start by saying kudos to him for actually going on air and facing the questions. That took guts.

There are many take-aways from it but the main one for me is that Romero is indignant about what has been unearthed, he essentially blames the Times for his woes, and is completely detached from reality. Romero believes most of his constituents are happy with him and that anyone not happy with him either lives outside his district or is the product of the imagination of the El Paso Times.

But there were a couple of things that I think were really important during the conversation last night. I've heard the city manager and Romero both refer to the displeasure of Rep Romero "and other members" of council toward First Southwest as the City's financial advisor.

But no one ever says exactly who. No one has come and and named names.

Garcia read my tweet asking that question on the air and Romero wouldn't answer the question. He dodged it and now I'm even more curious because he now says those comments were made during executive session so he didn't want to talk about them. I guess for fear of getting in trouble for divulging information about executive session.

Which is hilarious because just because you don't actually name names doesn't mean that you aren't divulging. Saying what someone said, even if you don't mention who, is probably already violating the rules.

But that doesn't concern me as much as the secrecy. Think about it, if you were Romero and taking all the heat and if there really were other people on council that also gave some sort of indication that they were displeased with council wouldn't you want everyone to know?

So either its not true, or there is some really compelling reason that people are so on the down-low about this one.

Something just doesn't jive.

Romero Running Rumors

Personally I have my doubts about whether he even finishes out his term, but I've heard whispers around town that Romero has said he's not running for reelection. Well we didn't hear anything straight from the horse's mouth until last night.


Garcia asked if he was going to seek reelection despite an abrupt end to a recall attempt and an ethics complaint leveled against him and the city manager.

Romero said he hasn't made up his mind yet.

Which sounds a lot like "no".

Speaking of the abrupt end to the recall effort, Garcia made it sound like they would be looking into the abrupt end of the recall effort, so things could get real uncomfortable around town if anything comes of it.

Man of My Word

One of my readers assured me that my blog would be vastly improved if I included more cat videos. I was inspired by his words of encouragement and I therefore present this video:

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