Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Ali Enrique Razavi Ordered to Pay $100k in Deceptive Trade Practices Suit

Ali Enrique Razavi AKA Max Powers
Ah yes they say its a dish best served cold.

I've been waiting until just the right time to write this piece about Ali Razavi, aka Max Powers.

You know, the Forma Blogger.

For going on years now I have had to deal with this guy talking shit about me, which there are no shortage of people that do that, but he's mentioned my kids, my late father, and people close to me.

Pretty sure he'd lose his mind if other people started playing by the same rules he does. Turnabout is fair play and all.

But you know, he was quite the lengua larga when he was just known as Max Powers. It gave him anonymity to say all manner of things from regular commentary on State Rep Marisa Marquez's rack (pretty sure her husband doesn't like that Ali) to commentary on how electeds dress, my hair cut and choice of beer, to who electeds sleep with.

In fact, he's rather obsessed with every one else's sex lives. But when you look like that guy and can tell he doesn't get a lot of action himself, it sorta makes sense I guess.

But once he got outed, he was reduced to posting pics of mountains and recipes.

For as much shit as he likes to talk about with me, and today was sorta the straw the broke the camel's back, he damn sure doesn't like to talk much about himself.

So let me help you all out with that and tell you the Ali Razavi you don't know. Ali is pretty much reviled in Austin because of his time working with State Rep Norma Chavez. Lobbyists and other staffers hated the guy and many have written me emails about just how much they hate the guy. I could post a bunch of stories from consultants and lobbyists about how he was always first in line for a free meal or free booze and plenty of other stories I'm sure Ali would love to keep quiet.

The short of it is that even Norma survived Norma.

But not Ali.

Most staffers stay in Austin, work for another member of the lege, work they way up the food chain or find any number of other jobs around Austin after their boss loses.

But not Ali.

Because people didn't like the way the guy operated. And it makes sense when you consider that while he was working for Norma Chavez, he was leaking damaging information about her to basically anyone that would listen. I know, because he leaked shit to me.

U R Not My Friend. Remember that?

That came from Ali Razavi.

There was a lot of stuff that came from him. Most staffers are loyal to their bosses. Its sort of a code, but mostly its because they are glad to have the opportunity, so loyalty means a lot to them.

But not Ali.

Talk about a total lack of loyalty. Talk about being a Judas.

Thats the kind of shit he was known for. A guy who couldn't be trusted.

And do you think the guy is any more trustworthy now that he's had a chance to get out of Austin for a while?

Well, based on this recent settlement with the Attorney General's office for deceptive trade practices I'm guessing no.

That's right, Ali Enrique Razavi and his family business were basically caught selling solar panels that weren't up to American code, and were actually from China and told customers that they were "Made in the USA", to government entities.

Don't believe me, read all about it.

So Ali Enrique Razavi, aka Max Powers, can talk all the shit he wants about me and a couple of misdemeanors but maybe he shouldn't be throwing stones when the reality is that he and his company sold "unsafe panels from China and falsely labeling the items as U.S. made".

That's not me saying that by the way, thats the Dallas Morning News.

They deceived their customers and sold them panels that were potential fire hazards because they didn't conform to US safety standards.

And who were their customers? American tax-payers.

You see if a project is tax-payer funded at the federal level, they are required to use American-made materials. So the company misrepresented them as American products so that they could get the business, thats how the scam went down.

Now the company has to pay out $5.8 million in penalties and another $2.7 million back to customers.

Ali is personally named in the agreement of having to pay a penalty of $100,000 as you can see in this screen shot from the actual document.

And oh by the way, let me be more specific about the customers. Earlier when I said American tax-payers were the customers, I should've been more specific...they sold some of their "unsafe panels from China" to US military bases and airports.

They not only took American tax-payers for a ride, but their products ended up at US military installations and airports.

And if all of that weren't infuriating enough, listen to this last part.

The company filed for bankruptcy amid the lawsuit.

I've been following this story for a long time and waited for it to develop. The Dallas Morning News was even able to get comment from Ali himself, who gave a different story from what he ultimately stipulated with the state of Texas.

Most people wouldn't try to continue to pass off swap-meet panels from China as American-made once the media started poking around.

But not Ali.

What panels? The ones you guys ultimately had to admit were actually Chinese products? Are those the ones you meant Ali?

This article from the New York Times outlines problems with Chinese solar panels and why they are putting the entire solar panel industry at risk.

Do I honestly give two shits about the solar panel industry?

No, I don't.

But I do care about a guy who is deceptive in every facet of his life from his name to his business practices trying to prey on other people because he's hundreds of miles away and doesn't think he has to be accountable for what he says.

You're a fraud Ali and you got caught taking people for a ride.


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I've got plenty more if you want it Lion.

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Anonymous said...

Damn, what a jackass. I never knew about this. Wow. To our own military. What a POS.


Anonymous said...

For a blogger that claims he's trying to get the facts straight, maybe you should check your facts a little more...
Not a fan of the guy myself but seems like you are just as deceptive as he is...
Just sayin...

The Lion Star said...

If there is something specific that I wrote that isn't factually accurate, that I have stated as a fact, don't just tell me I need to check my facts, tell me specifically where you think I'm wrong. I've been wrong and corrected the record before plenty of times. I don't have a problem with that.