Saturday, January 16, 2016

Did Quintanilla Lie at Tea-jano's Endorsement Meeting?

Things involving Eddie Holguin's Paso Del Norte Tejano Democrats and Tony Quintanilla seem to just keep getting more and more weird.

If you recall I wrote about how at last Thursday's endorsement meeting Quintanilla was allowed to speak and ultimately win the endorsement of the embattled organization because he stated publicly, when asked by the moderators that were from the media, that he had filed an appeal with the Supreme Court of Texas.

Funny thing about that.

He hasn't.

At least not as of Saturday.

In the day and age where information is so easily accessible it defies all logic and reason that Mr. Quintanilla would make a statement about filing an appeal with the Supreme Court of the State of Texas without Holguin even making a feeble effort to check if that was indeed an accurate statement.

Turns out there is no record of an appeal being filed with the Supreme Court of Texas as of Saturday. They update the filings daily on the Supreme Court's website. So at the very least it appears that when Mr. Quintanilla stated that he had filed an appeal with the state of Texas earlier in the day on Thursday it was either an inaccurate statement or a MASSIVE mistake.

Normally this is something that might make the media want to get a hold of Mr. Quintanilla and ask him about whether or not he indeed filed an appeal on the date that he publicly stated. Or perhaps Mr. Holguin to see what steps (if any) were taken by the organization to verify the accuracy of Mr. Quintanilla's claim since its the organizations name and standing going out on Mr. Quintanilla.

Seriously, you'd think someone would want to try to salvage the name of the Tejano's at this point.

But Mr. Quintanilla is never available to the media. Maybe they should contact his spokesman, Ahmed Khan.

In the valley there is a word for things that are said that aren't accurate.


"Lies" in English.

Speaking of that word, you'll see why its in quotation marks on Monday. Stay tuned for Revelation Monday people...


Anonymous said...

So basically a person can hold fundraisers for themselves and accept endorsements without actually being on any ballots without any consequences? Where does the money go?

Anonymous said...

Very true where is the money?