Friday, January 15, 2016

Fun Friday with Mary Gonzalez

You know you haven't accomplished much in your career when your highlights include a coloring book and taking a picture with a pig.

I mean unless you're in kindergarten. In which case you are having and AMAZING year!

So the other day I wrote a piece about there really not being much of a difference between current State Rep Mary Gonzalez and former State Rep Chente Quintanilla because neither of them have a really stellar record of accomplishment.

Interestingly State Rep Mary Gonzalez put out a year in review video on YouTube this week. Think of it like how over-zealous parents put together highlight tapes for their boys and send them off to schools hoping to get looked at by a college scout.

If you 'memmur correctly, I also wrote a piece awhile back that was critical of Gonzalez's constant desire to take credit for projects that she had little to no role in.

Well her video is basically the same thing, only set to music with a voice-over that sounds like it was recorded in a box.

The video highlights a few things that I want to draw your attention to, the first being the number of bills that she passed that actually became law. Apparently that was six bills. But the video doesn't go into details about the bills.

There's a reason for that. They aren't very substantive.

The video then highlights the fact that she authored 291 resolutions to honor people. Essentially she's bragging that she gave out 291 gold stars to people. Yay.

So no bills of substance but a shitload of gold stars.

And you're bragging about that?

No wonder the video highlights a damn coloring book.

Seriously, I'm not making that up. She seriously included the creation of a coloring book as an accomplishment.

The video also takes credit for the Montana Vista waste water project that would've been completed a lot sooner had she not been trying to play kissy face with state agencies and kicked a few asses instead. Senator Rodriguez got it done. Not Mary Gonzalez.

Although her staff really worked hard, but Rep Gonzalez never got near that shit.

Pun intended.

In another hilarious boast Rep Gonzalez takes credit for an annual toy give-away in Montana Vista that isn't organized by Gonzalez but the video sure makes it sound like it is. When Tina Silva from Montana Vista sees that Gonzalez was taking credit for a great project that she's been doing for several years now, with the help of almost every elected official in town, she's going to be pretty upset.

And you don't make Ms. Silva mad. Not if you plan on winning the vote in Montana Vista.

Hell I bet if someone donates a kidney Gonzalez will probably release a video taking credit for that too.


Andrew McRae said...

I've been trying to get a meeting with Marry for a year now and never happened. She's always somewhere else, not in El Paso.
Andrew McRae
Father's Rights Movement

Anonymous said...

I have read the bills past by Mary and they actually ate pretty great. Lets also mention the fact that anyone working for a politician's office is under direct directions from them. Lets remember that State. reps are not full time employees. You should know that though, the only full time employee's are the staff. So obviously they would be more present. Lastly the bills past had a impact directly in El Paso.

The Lion Star said...

A State Rep is not a part time job. They are always a state rep during their term.

What specific bills are the ones you are saying are so good and which ones specifically impact El Paso?