Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Gonzalez Grilled

Yesterday City Rep Claudia Ordaz and also Rep Cortney Niland at one point, grilled City Manager Tommy Gonzalez over his performance during a special city council meeting.

During a conversation about approving the streets plan Rep Ordaz took Gonzalez to task for essentially allowing the city to go back to the old ways of politicizing street repairs - a process that frustrated many average citizens and was very unpopular.

Ordaz very calmly and rationally explained that Gonzalez allowed another city rep to add streets to the repair program, without council's approval, and stated that Gonzalez needed to take responsibility for doing so.

She went on to state that its part of a pattern of behavior of blaming everyone else from the previous council and city manager to the current council but never himself. Ordaz indicated that it happened under his watch and asked rhetorically when he was going to take responsibility.

Gonzalez's reaction was very telling. He was basically speechless and looked to the Mayor to bail him out of that Southwest Airlines-wanna-get-away? moment but the Mayor offered him no refuge.

That is when Niland chimed in and said all Ordaz was wanting was a straight answer and that is all that city council wants from him.

No answer from Gonzalez. I mean nothing. Just crickets and awkward silence.

Here's a link to the story on KVIA's website of Rep Niland taking Gonzalez to task on the status of the westside pool that was part of the QOL bond. Niland was prosecutorial in her questioning of Gonzalez and the status of the construction. Niland pushed hard for the pool and the pool supporters are like the soccer mom's of the pool.

It says a lot that someone who was formerly his biggest supporter is now openly critical of you and your practices.

Niland basically asked the same thing of Gonzalez that Ordaz was asking for - answers.

Looks like Gonzalez is running out of apologists. Essentially his only cheerleader on council now is Dr. Noe...


John Dungan said...

Yes, it is good to see Council - the same Council that gave this guy a huge pay raise he did not earn - take him to task. But, let's not lose sight of the fact that Niland is still letting down her own constituents, and we still have no completion in sight for her pet project, San Jacinto Plaza. And, let's be honest. Our experiment with a City Manager form of government has been a dismal and expensive failure. Let this guy go, hold an election, and let the citizens choose a strong Mayor (not the current one) form of government to try to get us out of some of these messes.

Augustus Snodgrass said...

I have been out of the country and have not been able to access anything regarding El Paso (other than everyone is excited about the Pope's upcoming Visit)! What has happened to Larry Romero? Is he still on "Sick" Leave? He needs to get Terminated by a Recall Effort.....Keep up the good work. Augustus Snodgrass.