Thursday, January 21, 2016

HD 77 - The Benjamins

The race for HD 77 which is the seat held by retiring, and now Forma partner, State Rep Marisa Marquez is heading down the home stretch with less than a month before early voting starts. Marquez candidate is Adolfo Lopez who is a smart and dynamic young attorney and as I mentioned before, reminds me a little of the Castro brothers.

The opponent is Lina Ortega who is a well-known attorney in town.

I was honestly a little surprised when I saw the campaign finance reports of the two candidates because I expected Lopez to have more money that what was raised so far. He came in around $40 grand, but that number was slightly inflated by the inclusion of in-kind donations from Forma Group. Those are listed in the plus side of the report. The way you know that they are inflated is because there are also expenditures to Forma Group.

Candidates like to fluff up their numbers to look like they raised more than they actually did so that is usually done throw the inclusion of in-kind contributions.

He has about $3,000 left in his account at the moment. Ortega raised about twice what Lopez raised and has more money left in her account than what Lopez raised.


That was just the first report. The 30 day report may show interests like the TLR and the TER going all-in for Lopez and the scales may be a little more balanced for that report.

Also, money is only as good as how well its used. If its not used properly then it money in and of itself isn't that much of an advantage, so don't count Lopez out.

Annie's List dropped big loads of cash into this race for Ortega. Did the front-load her, or can she expect more contributions.

A Tale of Two Reports

The really interesting thing is to see who donated to each of the candidates.

Theresa Caballero donated to Lopez, Ray Caballero to Ortega.

The Bowlings donated to Lopez, the Jobe's donated to Ortega.

Other Lopez notable contributors include:

Leo Duran of L&J fame

Dee Margo and his son

The Schwartz's

Monica Teran

& The Texas Dental PAC

That last one is because Marquez comes from a family of dentists so that is why you would see such an odd connection.

Other Ortega notables include:

Carmen Arrieta-Candelaria

Joe Spencer

Beto O'Rourke Campaign

Veronica Escobar Campaign

Enrique Moreno

Joyce Wilson

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